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Ghostrunner 2 Gets Hardcore Mode and Ice-Themed Cosmetics Today

Ghostrunner 2 preview 1

We thought Ghostrunner 2 was already challenging enough. With the game’s latest update comes an even greater challenge, however.

We absolutely loved playing through Ghostrunner 2 for review, even if it did throw up a number of issues. And for those like us who have already jumped into the game and played it through to completion, its latest free update provides a good reason to return: Hardcore Mode.

It should be stated that Ghostrunner 2 is already a tough game, just like its predecessor. Though thanks to giving players more tricks and tools with which to combat enemies and traverse its hostile environments, it is perhaps a little more forgiving. In any case, Hardcore Mode is for those who want to truly test their skills and show the game who’s boss. Simply complete the game, then you can jump back in with rearranged levels, encountering new enemy placements, hazards and a whole lot more.

The good news is that you also start with all upgrades and skills unlocked, giving you at least a fighting chance. And should you survive Hardcore Mode, you’ll unlock an exclusive Sword & Hand skin.

While Hardcore Mode is free, Ghostrunner 2’s first piece of paid DLC also lands today. The Ice Pack cosmetic DLC contains three Sword & Hand skins as well as a motorcycle skin, all with a frozen, web-inspired theme. You might want to check it out if you’re playing this winter and want to make your character suitably chilly. The pack costs £3.99/$4.99, and is also included as part of the game’s season pass.

The remainder of the season pass content for Ghostrunner 2 will release throughout 2024, and includes yet more cosmetic packs and an endless moto mode. It’s reasonably priced, too, at just £15.99/$19.99.

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