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House Flipper 2 Review – Flipping Good Fun

House Flipper 2 review
Image: Frozen Empire

I was late to the party with House Flipper. Despite releasing back in 2018, I didn’t delve into the property renovation simulator until earlier this year. How I’d missed out: I was instantly hooked, loving every moment of getting rid of trash, painting walls, cleaning windows and re-furnishing homes. And so when House Flipper 2 was announced this summer, it quickly became my most anticipated title of the year. Friends and readers, I’m very happy to say that it doesn’t disappoint.

House Flipper 2 is everything that House Flipper is, but with more polish and finesse. If you’ve already played the first, you’ll be able to hit the ground running, lapping up every moment. And if you haven’t? It doesn’t matter: House Flipper 2 is welcoming to newcomers, providing all the tutorials and onboarding you’ll need.

I love that developer Frozen District has injected extra personality into House Flipper 2 by providing a dash of narrative. Arriving in the game, you’ll find yourself the new owner of your parents’ old house after they’ve moved away. It’s a bit run down, so you’re free to redecorate and refurnish whenever and however you like. Well, once you’ve earned some funds and learned how to. As you pick up new jobs, you’ll occasionally get a (fully-voiced) phone call from the client, giving more context to the task at hand. While it doesn’t change the game, it’s a nice touch that helps you get a little more immersed in the experience.

House Flipper 2 review
Image: Frozen District

Just like the first House Flipper, the tools of the trade will be doled out to you piecemeal. First comes picking up rubbish and selling unwanted furnishings. Soon after, you’ll clean your first stains and once you’ve completed a couple of simple jobs you’ll be let loose with the ability to paint, tile and lay floors. It’ll take several hours before you’re trusted to knock down and build new walls – but the pace of new tools unlocking feels just right. It ensures you’re not overwhelmed early on, and when you do get a new tool it’s a little exciting.

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The jobs are also paced well here. Early jobs are nice and simple: cleaning up after a party, for example, which involves little more than cleaning, hoovering and throwing out some furniture that simply can’t be recovered. But after a few hours you’ll be given your first full renovation: a small and unloved beach house that needs everything ripping out and starting again. There’s a thrill in stepping into your first “big” project in House Flipper 2, and seeing it come together, room by room, is hugely rewarding.

Some of the more fiddly tasks of House Flipper have been streamlined for a more satisfying gameplay experience. You no longer need to spend skill points to highlight remaining dirt on your minimap, for example. In fact, the minimap has been scrapped altogether, replaced instead by a spidey-sense of sorts that will highlight all grimey marks you’ve still got to clean, or all rubbish you’ve still got to pick up. Your task list is managed room-by-room and tool-by-tool: open your tool wheel and if you still need to perform a particular task in a room, the correct tool will have an indicator by the side of it.

House Flipper 2 review
Image: Frozen District

Perhaps the best change here, though, is that having to fit radiators, showers and washing machines piece-by-piece is a thing of the past. In House Flipper 2, it’s simply a case of selecting them from the store and plopping them down wherever you want. It makes renovations much quicker, and it’s a change I’m very happy about. But if, for some reason, you got a kick out of putting in screws and attaching pipes, you’ll find a brand new mode that still lets you do that.

Head into the main menu and you’ll find a new ‘Assembly’ mode. Here, you’ll be able to put together all manner of household objects from lamps to clocks to tables, building them piece by piece, including screws, bulbs and batteries and everything in between. It’s more in-depth than assembly in the previous House Flipper, and each item gives you goals to reach as you build – for example, if you want a three-star rating, you’ll need to complete the build in a set time.

These are completely optional challenges, but completing them will net you a small (but permanent) discount on a particular item type in the store. Build a table, for example, and all tables will be discounted by 2%. If you hated the assembly parts of the old game, then, you can forget these exist at all. But if you loved them, you’ll absolutely revel in the new challenges on offer here. And hey, it might even inspire you to finally put together that flatpack from Ikea that you’ve had in the corner of the room for the last year.

House Flipper 2 review
Image: Frozen District

Those aren’t the only changes to the game, either. A brand new ‘Sandbox’ mode graces the main menu, allowing you to take control of an open lot of land, free of cash restraints and client wants and needs. You can build your own house from scratch simply to stretch your creative muscles. Personally I prefer the structure of the main game’s quests – or at the very least already having four walls to play around with – but if you thrive when you’ve got complete freedom, you’re going to love Sandbox.

One thing you can’t miss when loading up House Flipper 2 for the first time is just how great it looks. It’s a significant visual improvement over the first game, with furnishings and fittings looking sharp, crisp and more realistic than ever. There’s also a new range of items on offer, making finished homes look fantastic. One thing’s for sure, you’ll have house envy by the time you’re done with House Flipper 2.

A marked improvement over the already-beloved House Flipper, House Flipper 2 allows you to get more immersed in the relaxing thrill of house renovations than ever before. Some quality of life changes take previous frustrations away, streamlining processes and allowing players to focus on what’s important. That, coupled with a face lift that makes House Flipper 2 look absolutely gorgeous, makes this a must-play for any sim fan. If only cleaning and renovating my real-life house was so enjoyable…

House Flipper 2 Review – GameSpew’s Score

This review of House Flipper 2 is based on the PC version of the game, with a code provided by the publisher. It’s available on PC, and will be landing on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S at a later date.

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