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How to Complete Directive: Danger! in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley Directive Danger

Do you need help completing the Directive: Danger! quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley? This guide will help you figure everything out.

Directive: Danger! in Disney Dreamlight Valley is EVE’s first mission after you’ve complete The Flying Metal Nuisance. Simply talk to EVE to begin the quest. She’ll tell you she’s anxious, and can’t relax because she’s too busy thinking about dangers around the docks area of Eternity Isle. You’ll help her out by identifying the dangers so she doesn’t have to.

To do that, you’ll need to take photographs of specific locations. The quest instructions gives us descriptions of each area, and it’s our job to find them. Note it doesn’t matter what type of photo you take, so the default selfies are just fine! Here’s what we need to find:

Directive: Danger! Mission – What to photograph in the docks

  • A giant tree with hanging lanterns near the well: This is up the stairs from the docks that lead to your house. The well is just to the left of the stairs and the tree with hanging lanterns is growing directly over it. Take a photo of this.
  • The small wooden boat you arrived in: There’s a small boat on the end of the leftmost pier. Take a photo of it.
  • A giant statue face in a hallway: This is the big stone face that’s through the stone gate to the left of your house.
  • A strange sunken doorway between two waterfalls: This is beyond EVE’s house: just past the water you’ll see two waterfalls and what appears to be a doorway sticking out from the water surface.

Once you’ve taken a photo of everything, go talk to EVE. She’ll give you the next set of objectives to photograph.

What to photography in the Wild Tangle/Glittering Dunes region

  • A lady with long, braided blonde hair: This is obviously Rapunzel. We’re not sure why she’s seen as a threat. Poor Rapunzel.
  • A misplaced boat high up in the jungle: Head up into the Grasslands and just beyond the bridge heading north into The Grove, you’ll see a boat on top of a rock. You can see it on your map, in fact.
  • A plant with very pointy teeth: This is a Fly Trap plant, which you’ll find growing all over The Grasslands and The Promenade. (It’s a little hard to take a decent photo of a plant – we just had the top of it in our selfie but it still counted.)
  • A man with an impossibly thick neck: Surely this can only be Gaston!
  • A snake: You’ll find these slithering creatures in The Plains
  • A waterfall of sand: To the west of the Glittering Dunes is a sandy lake complete with waterfall. We took our photo from the top of the waterfall, so even though we couldn’t really see it, it still counted.

Return to EVE to show her your new set of photos. That’s it: you’re done with Directive: Danger in Disney Dreamlight Valley. On to another mission!

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