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Something Comes A'Knocking

How to Complete Something Comes A’Knocking and Get Jack Skellington in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Here’s everything you need to know to complete the quest ‘Something Comes A’Knocking’ in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The Something Comes A’Knocking quest will begin when you find a strange Matryoshka Doll in Disney Dreamlight Valley. This quest is also the way to get Jack Skellington to arrive in your village. But before he gets here, you need to figure out what the strange doll does. The quest icon shows us this quest is tied to Merlin, but when we talk to him, he simply tells us something is happening in the Forgotten Lands, and that there’s likely more Matryoshka Dolls lying around.

The first thing you need to do is find all the Matryoshka Dolls. There should be four all together: Tiny, Small, Medium and Big. We found two of them in the Plaza, one in Sunlit Plateau and one in Frosted Heights, but we think their placement is likely to be random. They will simply appear on the ground, with a sparkle on them, so they’re not too hard to spot.

Once you’ve found them all, head to the Forgotten Lands. Look around for a tree that wasn’t there before: it’s very tall, and has a pumpkin etched into the base of it. Ours was in the south west region of the Forgotten Lands. Interact with it, and place all four Matryoshka Dolls at the tree. You’ll need to place each one individually, so interact with it four times.

Aha: you’ll get a special notification pop up – Welcome Jack Skellington! You’ve got a new resident. Talk to Jack. As usual when a new resident arrives, you’ll need to find somewhere to place his house. You can place it anywhere, but since it’s a bit spooky, we opted for the Forgotten Lands.

Head to the house location and interact with the Scrooge sign to get Jack Skellington’s house built. It’ll cost you 5,000 coins. Once it’s built, talk to Jack to wrap up the quest. And that’s it: you’ve completed Something Comes A’Knocking in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and Jack Skellington is a permanent resident. Hooray!

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