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How to Complete The Wanderer of the Dunes in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Do you need help completing ‘The Wanderer of the Dunes’ quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Here’s what you need to know.

Part of the new Rift in Time expansion in Disney Dreamlight Valley, The Wanderer of the Dunes quest is the first that you’ll get from new character Gaston. You’ll find him in the north west of the Glittering Dunes region. Talk to him to begin the quest: it seems he’s rather hungry and dehydrated from being in the desert for so long, so you’ll need to find him something to eat and drink.

He’s asking for three specific things that you can find in the Dunes region, but he doesn’t know the name of anything. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 3x Green Spiky-Leafed Plant: This is the agave plant, a green spiky bush that looks like an aloe vera plant
  • 1x Flexing Spider-like Thing: A scorpion! You’ll need to fish for this in the muddy lake
  • 4x Sweet Brown Raisin Thing: These are dates, and you’ll find them on growing on trees.

Once you’ve got everything, return to Gaston. Humour his ridiculous ego before following him to his small encampment. Talk to him again. He’ll tell you about his conversation with Jafar and his quest to find the secret vault where the Jewel of Time is hidden. Except… Gaston doesn’t know where the key to the vault is, so you’re going to have to find it.

There are three clues you’ll need to find around Gaston’s camp as part of The Wanderer of the Dunes quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Here’s what they are, and where you’ll find them:

  • A jar of glue. You’ll find this in the chest just to the right of Gaston’s sad little tent
  • A set of paints. This is on top of the boxes to the left of the tent
  • A set of coconuts. These are to the back of the encampment, to the side of the entrance and behind the barbeque grill.

Once you’ve found everything, return to Gaston. He’s told you about his shipwreck, but to get there you’ve got to go through The Wastes – which is behind a Mist door. To get past it, you need to have 4,000 Mist.

If you don’t already have enough, you can get more Mist by completing Mist Duties (check your menu to see what they are) and by removing swirling sand with your Hourglass. Once you’ve got enough, head to the Wastes entrance and interact with it to unlock your way through. Just make sure you unlock the right doorway, otherwise you’ll have to find 4,000 Mist again! The one you want is the furthest north in the Glittering Dunes – make sure you check your map to be sure you’re in the right spot.

Meet Gaston outside of his shipwreck. He’s ready to give up on the search but of course you need to keep on looking for that vault key. Try fishing in the swamp next to where Gaston is stood. You won’t find the key… but you do find Gaston’s pal LeFou made out of coconuts (?!). Go ask Gaston about it.

After an… enlightening conversation, you’ll learn that the key is actually two parts of a scarab. And since Gaston has no idea what a scarab actually is, it turns out he had a piece of it but tossed it away. Use your Hourglass to look around the area: press square/X and follow where it points you. Once you’ve found it, head to the nearest Hologram Station to talk to Jafar. Finally, return to Gaston to wrap up the mission.

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