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How to Complete The Wild Tangle’s Swarm in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley Center of Attention

Do you need help completing The Wild Tangle’s Swarm quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley? We’ve got the lowdown right here.

Before you can complete The Wild Tangle’s Swarm in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you need to have first completed The Wanderer of the Dunes. You can’t jump straight into this mission, though: first, you’ll have to give Gaston a bit of time to “gather his thoughts”. Or something. We had to wait around an hour, during which time we did some other quests. Eventually, the quest will update, and Gaston will be ready to talk to you.

Go and find him, and he’ll suggest that Rapunzel might be able to help find the other half of the scarab that you’re looking for. Go talk to Rapunzel. She’ll tell you about some swarming insects she’s seen in Wild Tangle: maybe they’re something to do with the scarab?

Head to The Grove, and on the north east side between the lake and the entrance to The Lagoon, you’ll see what looks a little like an out-of-tune TV set. That’s the swarming insects that Rapunzel was talking about. Take a photo of them, and go back to Rapunzel to show her. She suggests making a flower arrangement out of carnivorous plants to get rid of the swarm.

How to Make Carnivorous Floral Arrangements in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You’ll need to collect enough materials to make two Carnivorous Floral Arrangements for The Wild Tangle’s Swarm quest. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 4x Green Fly Trap – Find these in The Grasslands and The Promenade
  • 4x Purple Fly Trap – These are also in The Grasslands and The Promenade
  • 4x Red Pitcher Plant – These are in The Grove and The Lagoon
  • 4x Yellow Pitcher Plant – You’ll find these in The Grove and The Lagoon
  • 12x Tropical Wood – You’ll find these in The Grasslands

Note that Gameloft has acknowledged there’s a problem with some resources, including Tropical Wood, spawning. If you look in your mailbox, you’ll find a bunch of Tropical Wood, along with some other stuff. Be sure to claim it if you’re having trouble finding enough.

Once you’ve got everything, head to a crafting bench to make the Carnivorous Floral Arrangements. You’ll find them in the ‘Furniture’ tab. Remember to make two!

Once they’re crafted, head back to where the swarm is in The Grove, and enter Furniture mode (press triangle/Y and navigate to ‘Furniture’) to place the two Carnivorous Floral Arrangements nearby. We put them directly in front. Now, it’s just a case of waiting.

In the meantime, go and check in with Gaston. He’s as useless as ever, but it’s take enough time that we can return to where we placed teh Floral Arrangements to see what’s happened. Hooray – the swarm has disappeared! You can now pick up the scarab. Head to the nearest Hologram Station to talk to Jafar.

You’ll need to repair one half of the Scarab before you can use it, and that means heading to a Timebending Table. You’ll find it through the corridor leading off of The Courtyard. Interact with the table then choose ‘Quest’. You’ll need three Dream Shards and 1000 Mist to repair it. If you need more Mist before you can proceed, check your Mist Duties in your main menu: it shouldn’t take too long to get enough. Once you’re done, talk to Jafar.

And that’s it: you’re done with Wild Tangle’s Swarm in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The next mission awaits!

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