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How to Earn Mist in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Dreamlight Valley Rift in Time

Are you wondering if there’s a quick and easy way to earn Mist in Disney Dreamlight Valley? We’ll tell you everything we know.

Sadly, there’s no magical cheat (that we’re aware of) that will give you unlimited Mist. You need to earn it. The good news is that it’s fairly easy to earn, and it should never take you too long to get the amount of Mist that you need. We’ve compiled some handy tips and tricks that should see you earning Mist in no time.

What is Mist in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Mist is an integral part of Disney Dreamlight Valley’s first Expansion, A Rift in Time. The expansion adds a whole new island to the game – Eternity Isle. And on that island, Mist is an important magical currency. It’s essentially the same as Dreamlight in the main game: you’ll earn it in the same way, and it has the same uses. In other words, you’ll use Mist for unlocking new areas and crafting certain magical items.

How to earn Mist in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are three main ways to earn Mist while playing Disney Dreamlight Valley. They are:

  1. Completing missions
  2. Completing Mist Duties
  3. Using your Hourglass tool to get rid of swirling sand

Missions will typically give you the most Mist in one go, but depending on what the mission is, they can be quite time-consuming to complete. If you head into the menu and look at your Quests list, you can see how much Mist you’ll be rewarded. It’s typically 250-500 Mist per quest, which isn’t to be sniffed at. Note that only Eternity Isle quests will give you Mist – base game missions will continue to reward you in Dreamlight.

To see what Mist Duties you have available, open up your menu then toggle to ‘Dreamlight’. While ever you’re on Eternity Isle, Dreamlight Duties turn to Mist Duties. The tasks are very similar: feeding critters, growing and selling fruit, giving gifts, talking to villagers. Very simple tasks that can be done quickly. Depending on the Mist Duty, you can earn between 100-500 Mist each time.

Finally: clearing swirling sand. You’ll have seen lots of strange piles of swirling sand around Eternity Isle – and they regenerate regularly. Using your Hourglass tool on them gets rid of them, and also rewards you with a small amount of Mist. Typically you’ll get around 50 each time, but occasionally you’ll be rewarded around 250.

What’s the quickest way to earn Mist?

There’s no magical, super-fast way to get Mist in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The best way? Simply play the game. Complete a mixture of Mist Duties, missions and clearing swirling sand, and you’ll soon rack up a healthy Mist total. We seem to acquire it much quicker than Dreamlight, so it never feels like too much of a slog to earn.

So, if you’re stuck on a mission that requires a lot of Mist, simply complete some other quests in the meantime, and you’ll soon reach your goal.

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