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How to Play Scramblecoin in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley Scramblecoin

Do you need help figuring out how to play Scramblecoin, the brand new game-within-a-game in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Here’s what you need to know.

As part of the new A Rift in Time expansion for Disney Dreamlight Valley, we’ve got a new way to interact with villagers: a game of Scramblecoin. Before you can play, you need to complete the mission ‘A Game of Coins‘ with Mickey Mouse.

Once you’re done with the quest, you can start a game of Scramblecoin with anyone by interacting with them and selecting the “Do you want to play Scramblecoin?” option.

How to play Scramblecoin in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Scramblecoin is essentially a turn-based strategy game. But instead of engaging in combat, your goal is to collect as many coins as you can each turn. The board is littered with silver and gold coins: silver coins are worth one point, and gold coins are worth five points.

In one game of Scramblecoin, you have five turns where you can move each of your characters on the board. You can choose five characters before you play, but you can only ever have a maximum of three on the board at any one time. Each character has their own unique moveset (some with special abilities), so choose your characters carefully.

One your first three goes, you’ll bring a new character to the board each time. On your fourth and fifth turn, you can choose to skip adding a character, or replace one already on the board.

Once you’ve moved all of your characters in play, your turn will automatically end and your opponent will take their turn.

Scramblecoin starting characters moveset

  • Donald Duck can move three spaces in any direction. He can only enter the board at one corner.
  • Goofy can move up to three spaces in any direction, but he will jump there, avoiding anything in between. He can only enter the board at a corner.
  • Mickey Mouse can move three spaces up or down. He can enter the board at any border tile.
  • Minnie Mouse can move three spaces diagonally. She can enter the board at any border tile.
  • Donald Duck can move two spaces in any direction. He can enter the board at a corner. His special ability means he gets one extra coin at the end of each turn.

How to get new Scramblecoin characters/figurines

By playing more Scramblecoin, you’ll earn ranking points. By reaching goalposts, you’ll unlock new characters/figurines to play the game with. You can play a game of Scramblecoin with each villager every day. So the more you play, the more characters you’ll get (and the better you’ll be at the game!)

Tips for playing Scramblecoin in Disney Dreamlight Valley

  • Consider your starting positions carefully, and ensure characters can move to a coin.
  • Unless your character has a ‘Jump’ ability, they’ll move through every tile to the path that you select, so try to optimise your move so you’ll pick up more than one coin
  • When your opponent’s pieces are on the board, consider their placement, and try to block their path to valuable coins
  • Scrooge is a helpful character to have on your board from the beginning, since you’ll get one extra coin from him each turn
  • You can’t pass through fences, rocks or lakes, so you’ll need to consider these when placing and moving characters
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