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Get Wasteland 3, Greedfall and Many More With This Brilliant Value Humble RPG Bundle

What better way is there to celebrate the season than exploring a snowy, post-apocalyptic wasteland? Thanks to Humble Bundle’s Happy Holidays Bundle you can snag Wasteland 3, Greedfall and five other RPGs for just £9.40/$12 That’s a saving of over £200/$250.

If you’ve never played the previous Wasteland games, don’t worry about it. All you need to know to play Wasteland 3 is that it’s the game Fallout 4 would have been if Bethesda hadn’t taken the series 3D. In our Wasteland 3 review we called it “A meticulously crafted RPG with a world that you’ll truly want to throw yourself into”. And this version, the Colorado Collection, includes all the DLC.

Then there’s Greedfall, which sees your noble roaming an island that’s being colonised by your and other empires. Yes, like an inverse Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, but you’re the good guy.. right? “An impressive debut for what could well become a classic series”, is how we described it in our Greedfall review.

Humble's RPG Bundle

Buy the Happy Holidays RPGs Bundle $12/£9.50 at Humble Bundle

Get seven RPGs, including the brilliant Wasteland 3 and the blood-sucking Vampyr for just $12/£9.50, a saving of over $250/£200.

Or if vampires are your thing, dive into the excellent Vampyr. Reviewing it, we praised the fuzziness of the game’s moral choices. Being able to bite people’s necks is also pretty cool. Pay $12 and you’ll get all those titles, redeemable via GOG, but there’s more. Here’s everything you get with this bundle’s top tier.

How do you get your hands on all these games? Head over to Humble Bundle, pay at least the $12 asking price and you’ll get all seven titles. You will need to link (or create) your Humble Bundle and GOG account, but once you’ve done that the games are DRM-free.

We’re not huge fans of Elex, we’ll admit, but the rest are well worth your time. This bundle is is an absolute steal for $12 and your money is helping to support a charity. In this case, it’s Code, “..an education innovation nonprofit dedicated to the vision that every student in every school has the opportunity to learn computer science.”

So you’re getting a great bargain and helping cultivate the talent that could make tomorrow’s games. What have you got to lose?

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