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PSA: Immortals of Aveum on Xbox is Currently Just £20 at Amazon

Immortals of Aveum

Want a bargain? Well, we’ve got you one. Providing you’re an Xbox player, that is. You can currently grab Immortals of Aveum for just £19.99 courtesy of Amazon.

This is a serious bargain: Immortals of Aveum only released back in August, so paying less than twenty quid for a four-month old game is good going indeed. It’s probably a result of the game not performing as well as EA hoped it would, but don’t let that put you off: we had a great time with the game, and if you’re a fan of open world adventures and magic, we’re fairly confident in saying you’ll enjoy this.

Immortals of Aveum box art

70% off Immortals of Aveum on Xbox Series X – now just £19.99

Darren Barnet leads the charge in this magic-imbued action-adventure game from Ascendant Studios and EA. It only released this summer making it a bargain for just £20 already. We gave it an 8/10 in our review, calling it a “fast-paced adventure” that’s “exhilarating”.

When we reviewed Immortals of Aveum, here’s what we said:

“Despite a few niggles, our journey through Aveum has been a blast. Being in the shoes of Jak is a great deal of fun and although his range of abilities can feel a little overwhelming, mastering his powers is exhilarating. If a fast-paced adventure through a gorgeous world, backed by a solid story and excellent acting sounds like your thing (and why wouldn’t it?), don’t hesitate to jump right into Immortals of Aveum.”

The lead character is played by Darren Barnet, who you might recognise from his role as Paxton in Never Have I Ever. He’s tackling something rather different, though: contending with Devi has been replaced by taking down an entire legion of evil-doers who threaten the fate of the world. Quite a step away from high school romance problems.

We’re not sure how long this deal will last: it already seems to be sold out on PS5, so we’d recommend you grab it pronto. Do be warned though: Amazon says it won’t ship until January, so you might not get it in time for Christmas. However, in our experience, stuff often gets shipped much sooner than Amazon’s (usually very conservative) estimates.

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