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Make Way Review: A Hilariously Brutal Party Game That You Need in Your Life This Holiday Season

Make Way review

Make way for Make Way, a game that will make you drop more f-bombs than Gordon Ramsay on a particularly bad day. Not in a bad way, though, oh no. You’ll be swearing like a sailor who’s just stubbed his toe, but you’ll be laughing your butt off as you do – particularly if you’re playing with friends.

Available now from developer Ice Beam and publisher Secret Mode, Make Way is a multiplayer racing game that has you building the race track – and laying traps – as you go. You can play alone against bots, but you’re going to have more fun here with up to three friends (or randoms) either online or locally. Maybe stick to friends if you’re playing locally. We don’t necessarily recommend inviting random folk into your living room for the sake of a game. But hey, you do you.

“Moreish, devilish and absolutely riotous”

From the off, only one mode is available in Make Way: Race. This is the easiest, calmest mode in the game, and a nice way to ease you into the madness that ensues in future modes. There are no traps or weapons here: simply pieces of track. You’ll choose a track piece, place it, then race on it. You’ll then place more track, then race, and rinse and repeat until one player reaches the target number of points.

Make Way review
Image: Ice Beam/Secret Mode

Even this mode can be chaotic as you purposefully crash into your opponents, trying to make them lose control. If they fall behind or fly off the track, they won’t score any points for that particular section of the track. Checkpoints are placed regularly, and all players will be put back into the game at each one – so even if you royally mess up, there’s a good chance you could redeem yourself.

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It’s when you’ve unlocked the next two game modes in Make Way – Classic and Chaos – that the fun really begins, however. Classic introduces karting-style weapons and traps on the track. Think slime guns, boost pads, ramps and blockades, all making surviving the track that bit harder. Chaos mode is, as the name suggests, all-out chaos. Like classic, it’s filled with weapons, traps and obstacles – but there are way more of them. The tracks have no walls, either, so losing control and flying off is all-too-easy to do.

Make Way is perhaps a little too brutal when you’re playing on Chaos mode, however. We frequently had all our players wiping out, meaning rounds had to be played multiple times until one plucky beggar managed to successfully reach the checkpoint. Still, it had us doubled over laughing as our cars flew around the screen, bouncing off obstacles and being tossed into the air by mines and other deadly traps.

Make Way review
Image: Ice Beam/Secret Mode

Each time you complete a game of Make Way, you’ll gain XP, and for each level up you’ll earn new track pieces and traps. The more you play, the more you’ll get out of it, then. The problem is that Make Way is way more fun when you have the full suite of items to choose between, especially when some of the later additions are wonderfully inventive. You’ll have to put some serious time in to unlock everything, and by that point, there’s a good chance you’ll have had your fill of the multiplayer racing/track-building carnage it offers.

“Make Way will have you grinning and swearing in equal measure, and that’s the main reason we love it so”

We get it: a sense of progression is nice, and seeing our XP level go up each time we play is rewarding. But perhaps new traps and track pieces should be doled out a little easier to maximise the fun that can be had more quickly. It would also be nice to see more fiendish traps and track pieces be introduced later on in a match to really up the ante in the last round or two. As it is, you’ll always have the same library of bits to choose from – and for your first few hours of playing, the selection will be rather limited.

We also wish the scoring system was a little different. Rather than a winner being crowned after completing, say, five rounds, you keep playing until a player reaches a target score. But more often than not, multiple players end up reaching the target score at the same time. When that happens, every player who’s hit the top score will enter a sudden death race: no walls on the track, regardless of the mode you’re in. The last car standing wins.

Make Way review
Image: Ice Beam/Secret Mode

We admit, sudden death is a lot of fun, and we feel that Ice Beam has likely chosen the current scoring system just so sudden death can be a frequent occurrence. But it means that victories are often hollow and victors can feel somewhat cheated: reach that target score part-way through a round, and you’ll simply stop gaining points, even if you were the overall winner.

“Whether you’re having a gathering with your friends over the holidays or arranging an online games night, make sure Make Way is top of your playlist”

Does that really matter though? Not really, because sudden death mode simply offers us another riotous reason to curse at our loved ones. Heck, the entirety of Make Way will have you grinning and swearing in equal measure, and that’s the main reason we love it so.

Whether you’re having a gathering with your friends over the holidays or arranging an online games night, make sure Make Way is top of your playlist. This wonderful little game turns a very simple idea into a moreish, devilish and absolutely riotous multiplayer experience that will keep you coming back for more. It’s just a shame that not everything is unlocked at the outset so we can go full-on carnage right away – but we can’t have everything.

Make Way Review – GameSpew’s Score

This review of Make Way is based on the PC version of the game, with a code provided by the publisher. It’s available on Xbox, Switch and PC, with a PlayStation version coming soon.
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