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Forget Grand Theft Auto 6, This Fan Made a 30ft Nico Bellic Cutout

GTA 4's Nico Bellic against a white background.

GTA 6 is a good year or two away. But that matters less when you have a 30 foot cutout of GTA 4’s Nico Bellic. No, that’s not how we’re decorating this holiday season but one Grand Theft Auto fan has crafted an impressively large cutout of Grand Theft Auto 4’s protagonist.

It’s the work of Tobyn Jacobs, who specialises in making giant papercraft cutouts, from anime characters to video games. Their goal is to make a 100ft cutout and so far they’ve reached at least 75ft. After watching the GTA 6 trailer, he was inspired to make this 30ft Nico Bellic cutout. And it’s pretty damn amazing.

Forget about taking it bowling, you’d need a bus just to shift this cutout. It took Jacobs 20 hours to make and as you can see from his tweet, it’s absolutely massive. It dwarfs him and even the house it’s up against. We do wonder what the neighbours think though maybe they’ve got used to it by now.

As Jacob explains on his YouTube channel, he started off by making large papercraft faces for Halloween. But, taping A4 sheets together to create an image of an alleged Bitcoin founder, he realised he could use the same technique to craft even things. He’s even put together complete 3D models.

We were, momentarily, tempted to get involved too. After all, who wouldn’t want a wall-spanning cutout of Shadowheart or any of Baldurs Gate 3’s other companions? But then we remembered just how much printer ink costs, and we went off the idea.

If you want to know more, you can follow Jacobs on Twitter. As for GTA 6, don’t expect Nico Bellic to put in a return appearance, cutout or otherwise, but check out the trailer for a taste of what Rockstar Games are cooking up.

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