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SEGA is Reviving Shinobi, Jet Set Radio and More

Jet Set Radio

If you’re a SEGA fan, you’d have been pretty chuffed if you tuned into The Game Awards last night.

Some time into the awards show, a mysterious trailer started to play. Two gamers sat down to play, then the lights went out. A power cut. Damn. But then weird things started to happen. Items such as a horned helmet, a set of red leather gloves and a number plate reading CRZTX1 were all focused upon before warping away. Then all was revealed. SEGA has been busy, working on not one but five games, all set to release in the coming years.

The gist of it is we’re getting a new Jet Set Radio, a new Shinobi, a new Golden Axe, a new Crazy Taxi, and yet another entry in the Streets of Rage series. We don’t know much about any of these titles yet, but it appears that Jet Set Radio, Crazy Taxi and Shinobi will remain faithful to the titles that made each franchise hits all those years ago.

Shinobi in particular caught our eye, featuring a spectacular 2D art style that has us very excited for the title. Although don’t get us wrong, we’re excited about new Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi games, too.

Watch the SEGA reveal trailer below:

When it comes to Streets of Rage and Golden Axe, it appears that the 2D beat ’em up format has been abandoned in favour of 3D. Of course, there’s already been a 3D Golden Axe game – Golden Axe: Beast Rider, released on Xbox 360 and PS3 way back in 2008 – hopefully the new one is better than that.

In any case, we’re keen to see how these turn out. There’s is potential for Golden Axe to be a pretty good action-adventure, and we’re not totally against Streets of Rage being turned into a 3D brawler – we’ve always thought the Yakuza format might suit it, in fact.

As mentioned, there’s scant information available about any of these titles yet. That means we don’t have any release dates or anything. You can get a quick glimpse of each of the title via the trailer above, however. You’ll also notice that the trailer hints that there may be more title in the works. Sneaky SEGA.

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