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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League’s Alpha is Already Being Leaked

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League’s alpha test’s here and publisher WB Games is battling to keep footage off YouTube. But new videos just keep on popping up.

We’re beginning to wonder if making Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League’s alpha test a closed, NDA-protected test was a good idea. WB Games may also be wondering the same as, as reported by Eurogamer, they attempt to get the footage yanked.

So far they’ve been relatively successful. We’ve briefly glimpsed one of these videos and it did have a username burnt into the screen. But there’s the possibility that players are creating fake Steam or Xbox accounts just for the purpose of the beta. The video we saw ended with the player being banned from the alpha, which cracked us up.

Given the attention surrounding this open-world superhero game, not all of it good, it seems inevitable this was going to happen. So far, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has come in for a fair amount of criticism. February 2023’s State of Play presentation revealed there’s a major emphasis on gear and, the official FAQ confirms that you can’t play the game offline. The response to that trailer was not positive, with Forbes calling it “live service hell”.

Following on from the criticism, WB Games delayed it to February 2024. But if enough hasn’t changed about the game, we can see it getting a similarly lukewarm reception.

WB Games has dubbed this test an ‘alpha’, which suggests the game isn’t representative of the final product. That’s one reason they might not want footage floating around. Another is that, by releasing their own footage, they can retain some control over how people perceive the game. Well, at least until the reviews hit.

So if you are playing the alpha test and are thinking about leaking it, don’t be naughty. You might not have a bomb in your brain but WB Games almost certainly has a big team of lawyers. You can get your hands on Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League when it launches this February 2nd on PC, Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation.

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