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The Best Gifts to Buy a Tetris Fan This Holiday Season

Tetris Player Pro, a handheld Tetris game.

Tetris is one of the most timeless games of all time and, as simple as it is, it’s ridiculously addictive. From its many incarnations through to Apple’s movie, it’s never really left the public consciousness. And pretty much every gaming platform has had at least one version.

So what do you buy for someone who lives, breathes and eats Tetris? We’ve rounded up the best gifts for Tetris fans, just be sure to pack them all up in an an L-shaped box.

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My Arcade Tetris Pocket Player Pro

Take Tetris on the go with this My Arcade Tetris Pocket Pro. It plays Tetris, Tetris, Tetris and, oh, Tetris. But if you’re a hardcore Tetris fan, why would you need anything else?

Tangram Stackable Night Light

This isn’t an official Tetris-licenced product but it’s still pretty cool. The bottom block receives power and any block that makes contact lights up, letting you arrange the lamp as you see fit.

Tetris Effect Connected

Tetris Effect Connected is by far the trippiest way to pay Tetris, a game we described as “perhaps the best Tetris will ever be”. And with the Switch version you can take it on the go, though you can also get it on the less portable PlayStation and Xbox.

Powerbears Tetris Gamer Gummies 

You should check whether these officially licensed Powerbears Tetris Gamer Gummies are suitable for the recipient. For a start, they contain beef gelatin so if you’re a vegetarian they’re right out. But that aside, you can’t go wrong with gummy sweets that are shaped like individual Tetris blocks. Play with them, eat them, it’s up to you.

Tetris Waffle Maker

As Tetris gifts go, this Tetris waffle maker is admittedly an odd one. Yes, this sounds like some kind of bootleg but this wonderfully ridiculous device is officially licenced and we absolutely love it.

Tetris Stax Puzzle

Bring Tetris out into the real world, with this physical Tetris puzzle, with 48 puzzles to complete. Or for an extra authentic Tetris experience, take the long block out and only give it back when the recipient has spent five minutes scratching their head.

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