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The Last of Us Season 2 Will Air in 2025

The Last of Us HBO Show

It’s safe to say that we’re on tenterhooks waiting for the second season of HBO’s adaptation of The Last of Us. But it appears now that we’re going to have a wait a little longer than we anticipated.

A new trailer released by Max, HBO’s streaming service, reveals its upcoming slate for 2024 and beyond. There’s the likes of House of the Dragon season 2, and a promising new entry in the True Detective anthology. What’s more important to us, though, is that The Last of Us season 2 is highlighted as a 2025 release. That means we’ve got to wait at least another year before we see how Craig Mazin and HBO have adapted the second game for our screens.

It’s disappointing, but perhaps understandable. Production on the second season of The Last of Us hasn’t started yet, after all. First there was the writer’s strike that threw a spanner in the works, then the actor’s strike. As reported by Variety, production on season 2 of the show will officially begin on 12th February 2024, allowing plenty of time for it to be worked on for its 2025 release.

We’re just curious about how the second season of The Last of Us will be handled. Mazin has already stated that there’s more than a season’s worth of content in the second game, which is due to be released in remastered form on PS5 in January. It’s hinted that the season might incorporate elements from the additional ‘Lost Levels’ content in the remaster, too, and that some things might be changed altogether. In any case, after the stellar first season of The Last of Us, we’re sure it’s in good hands.

You can check out the Max trailer below to see what shows are on their way in 2024 and beyond, including The Last of Us season 2. And if for some reason you’ve not watched the first season of the show yet, why not give it a watch this Christmas. You can stream it via Max, catch it on demand via Sky, or buy a physical copy from retailers such as Amazon.

You could also give the games a try if you’re yet to play them. The Last of Us Part 1 was remade for PS5 last year, and we think it’s great. As previously mentioned, a remaster of the second game is on the way for PS5, but the PS4 version is already enhanced for PS5 if you want to jump in.

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