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AI Limit Announced for PC and Steam, Launching 2024

AI Limit (1)

If you’re a fan of action RPGs, especially those with a futuristic anime setting, then you ought to keep your eyes on AI Limit. Developed by Sense Games and published by CE-Asia, it’s a part of the PlayStation China Hero Project designed to help China-based developers create high quality games. And its latest trailer has sure piqued our interest.

AI Limit thrusts players into the distant future, long after the fall of civilisation. With the world now roamed by fearsome monsters and consumed by a strange substance called Mud, all hope of a bright future now rests in the hands of Arrisa, a powerful entity known as a Blader, who possesses strange regenerative properties. Can she discover the truth about the apocalypse and turn things around? That’s for you to discover.

Being an action RPG, AI Limit aims to provide fast-paced and dazzling combat, in which Arrisa can make use of a range of weapons. With her left hand she’ll also be able to cast a variety of spells, further broadening your attack options. But it’s not all about the combat – this is a game that also wants you to explore, with weapons, clothes and more to be found that will help you on your adventure. You’ll find fearsome enemies waiting to engage you in battle as well, of course.

Although it doesn’t have a firm release date just yet, AI Limit is scheduled to launch this year on both PC via Steam and PS5. In fact, its Steam page is already live if you’d like to wishlist it. On the fence? Check out the preview trailer below.

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