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Sony Puts the Brakes on Fan Game Bloodborne Kart

A PSX-style shot of the Doll from Blodborne, a pale, white-heard woman in old-fashioned dress.

If you’re a From Software fan, eagerly anticipating the release of fan game Bloodborne Kart, we’ve got bad news for you. After its creator was contacted by Sony, this PSX-style racer won’t be hitting the track this month.

As reported by creator Lilith “Bunlith” Walther, Sony wants her to remove all Bloodborne branding. Why Sony and not From Software? Because, much to the frustration of fans who’d love to see it grace the PC, Bloodborne remains a PlayStation exclusive.

Tweeting about the situation, Walther expressed surprise that it’d taken this long for Sony to step in. Bloodborne Kart began as an April Fools joke, which she created two years ago when she was still working on a Bloodborne demake. Speaking of the demake, you might want to download it now, just in case Sony intervene there too.

Over time, Bloodborne Kart went from being a gag to a full-on Bloodborne karting fan game. And, until Sony intervened, it was set for a January 31st release. Now? It’s obviously not going to make its release date, but it’s not dead and buried either.

Walther has confirmed that she will be releasing Bloodborne Kart, it just won’t be Bloodborne Kart anymore, she tweeted. “I need to scrub the branding.. but that requires a short delay.” That, presumably, means removing Bloodborne logos, fonts, any reference to Bloodborne’s characters and so on.

What about the characters themselves, and the levels? She hasn’t shared the precise nature of Sony’s ‘requests’, but Bloodborne Kart’s PSX-style graphics may make things a little easier. It’s not as if she’s straight up ripped the characters from Bloodborne. Without the name or branding, the Hunter is just a guy with a big coat and a cornice hat.

We’re still looking forward to whatever Bloodborne Kart becomes. Bloodborne or not, it’s a silly, gun-heavy taken on the karting genre, and we’re absolutely here for that. For updates, you can follow Walther on Twitter. And if you’re craving more karting action, here are the best kart racing games on PS5.

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