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Mechs are Coming to Diablo 4 in The Season of the Construct

Diablo 4 Season of the Construct
Image: Blizzard

Mechs are coming to Diablo 4 in the next season. No, we’re serious. Well, sort of. You’re not going to be able to load your necromancer up into a giant mech suit, but you will be fighting against ancient constructs in a series of new underground dungeons. All the while, you’ll be accompanied by a friendly ‘Seneschal’ – essentially a robot companion who’ll help you fight your way through Sanctuary.

Diablo 4’s next season kicks off next week on Tuesday 23rd January, and it’s been dubbed the Season of the Construct. We’re leaving vampires and Blood Harvests behind, instead fighting against ancient mechanical beasts apparently left behind by Zoltun Kulle. We’ll have new story missions, new dungeon types, new challenges and even a new town area to look forward to, according to the announcement on Blizzard’s blog.

It seems the meat of Diablo 4: Season of the Construct will take place underneath Kehjistan. Ancient technology created by Zoltun Kulle has been taken over by forces of evil (of course), and now there are new threats for you to fight. This new underground world is made up of a series of Vaults – the new type of dungeon – to fight your way through. In them, you’ll find new enemy types in the form of Constructs, all of whom harness elemental power to give you a run for your money.

To access the Vaults, you’ll need to familiarise yourself with Gatehall, which is a brand new town centre you’ll find underground. It’ll act as your base of operations, and it’s likely from here you’ll first be acquainted with your Seneschal. This friendly beast can be augmented by using Governing Stones and Tuning Stones – new for the season – which determine its abilities. Fine-tune it to your own needs over time by collecting the stones and powering them up.

Also coming to Diablo 4 through the Season of the Construct is The Gauntlet, a weekly challenge that will let you directly compete with other players via a leaderboard. We’re waiting on more details from Blizzard, but we know it’ll be a “fixed dungeon”. We’re imagining something similar to Diablo 3’s challenge rifts, where players run through the same location as the same character class, kitted out with a chosen loadout.

There are some interesting quality of life improvements coming along with Diablo 4’s new season, too. Helltides will be near-constant (hooray!), and we’re getting an extra tab in our tab (although you’ll have to buy it with gold). Respeccing your skill tree will also be easier thanks to a new Respec mode that lets you assign new skills without first removing your existing set-up.

You can read the full Season of the Construct announcement here, and we’ll find out more during the Diablo 4 developer livestream tomorrow. It’ll kick off at 5pm GMT/9am PT and you can watch it on Diablo’s official YouTube or Twitch channel.

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