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The Latest Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Trailer Ups the Drama

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Cait Sith

We’re now just over six weeks away from the release of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. And as you’d expect, Square Enix is ramping up its marketing for the game, today releasing a new trailer.

Titled “Destined For Rebirth”, this latest look at Final Fantasy VII Rebirth features Cloud and a number of his companions, setting up an epic conflict between them and the notorious Sephiroth. Alongside Tifa, Aerith and Barret, we also get to see Yuffie, Red XIII, and even Zack from Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core.

Needless to say, we’re keen to see what Final fantasy VII Rebirth has in store for us story-wise, as it’s clear there’s going to be some interesting deviations from the original game.

Watch the Destined for Rebirth trailer below:

The trailer also teases the return of some epic scenes, such as the Nibelheim Incident and the fight against the Terror of the Deep boss. There’s certainly enough to get the nostalgia flowing through our veins while also making us excited for the new elements that the latest entry in this saga will bring, including new characters like the Midgardsormr. Now we’ve just got to hold out for another month or so until we can finally go hands-on with this epic.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth launches exclusively on PS5 on 29th February 2024.

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