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The Best Hidden Object Games on PS5

Best Hidden Object Games on PS5

If you like search puzzles and hunting for clues, you’ll love the best hidden object games on PS5. There are plenty to choose from, with a number of publishers like Artifex Mundi leading the charge on bringing these fun, casual games to consoles. We’ve rounded up the best of them below, so read on to find the best hidden object games you can play on PS5.

What is a hidden object game? Ah, that’s a good question. Hidden object games are so-called because lots of their puzzles involve, well, searching for hidden objects. You’ll often be presented with a scene filled with random items, and you’ll need to search for something specific from a list. But hidden object games are often much more than that. You’ll typically find a mixture of other types of puzzles thrown into the mix, too, like logic puzzles, lock-breaking and more.

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1. Skyland: Heart of the Mountain

Skyland: Heart of the Mountain
Image: Artifex Mundi

Skyland: Heart of the Mountain is a bizarre sci-fi adventure set in a future where the world has died, leaving people to settle in the skies. But all’s not well in this new world: it’s your job to get rid of whatever is threatening the peace of the Skyland. To do so, you’ll be solving puzzles alongside your airship’s crew. There are 17 individual hidden object scenes here, along with 22 different minigames.

2. Crime Secrets: Crimson Lily

Crime Secrets: Crimson Lily
Image: One More Level/Artifex Mundi

If you’d rather your pick of the best hidden object games on PS5 are a little more realistic, then Crime Secrets: Crimson Lily is well worth checking out. Forget sci-fi worlds in the skies: this grounded crime mystery puts you in the shoes of a private detective. She finds herself investigating a murder in the hotel she happens to be staying at. Like most Artifex Mundi games, though, nothing is quite how it seems in Crime Secrets: Crimson Lily. And as you make your way through a wealth of puzzles, you’ll slowly but surely uncover the game’s twisty story.


Image: Something We Made

TOEM isn’t your typical hidden object game, but it is undoubtedly one of the best you can play on PS5. It’s more of an adventure puzzle game than the other titles on this list, seeing you explore a series of beautiful hand-drawn locations. But ultimately, your time with the game will still be spent hunting for things within the environment – even if there may be slightly more interactivity than other games in the genre. Honestly, you won’t regret jumping into TOEM if you haven’t yet.

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4. Endless Fables: Shadow Within

Endless Fables 4: Shadow Within
Image: Sunward Games/Artifex Mundi

If you like fairy tales, Endless Fables: Shadow Within is undoubtedly one of the best hidden object games you can play on PS5. Once again coming from Artifex Mundi, this fantasy story set in a beautiful, dreamlike world sees you uncover a nightmare that’s haunted your character since childhood. You see, a friend went missing as a young boy, and you’re sure he’s still alive. Can you rescue him from the realm he’s trapped in before it’s too late?

5. Ghost Files: The Face of Guilt

Ghost Files: The Face of Guilt
Image: Brave Giant/Artifex Mundi

Our final choice for this list of best hidden object games on PS5 yet again comes from publisher Artifex Mundi. This time, it mixes the realistic and the fantastical into a spooky adventure that sees you hunting down ghosts. You’ll take on the role of Boston police detective Emily Meyer as she investigates 10 mysterious homicides. Once again, not all is as it seems, and the murderer you’re looking for might not be quite the guilty man you’re hoping to find.

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