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How to Avoid Getting Cold in Palworld

Palworld cold
Image: Pocketpair

Have you noticed that you get cold every time it gets dark? Here’s how to avoid the cold in Palworld – and light the way as you go.

The easiest way to avoid getting cold in Palworld is to craft yourself a hand-held torch. With a torch equipped, you’ll instantly stop getting cold – and you can also see in front of you, too. Bonus! But how do you get a hand held torch and avoid taking cold damage?

You’ll need to craft yourself a torch, which you can do from your primitive workbench. If you don’t yet have a workbench, press ‘up’ on your d-pad to enter the crafting menu. You’ll find it in the ‘Production’ tab. You’ll need 2x wood to build a workbench, which is easy enough to find on the ground. Press A on the workbench, then hold X to build it.

Once the workbench is built, interact with it and select the hand-held torch. For the torch, you’ll need 2x wood and 2x stone. Press A and A again to start building it. To equip it, press Y. Keep pressing Y to cycle through the items you have equipped.

Later on, there are other ways you can fend off the cold, too. You can equip armour that has cold prevention, for example. Or you can spend the night in an indoor shelter, which you can build yourself in your home land. But we think using a hand held torch is the best, and easiest, way early on in the game.

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