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How to Complete A New Directive in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Do you need help completing the A New Directive quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Don’t worry: here’s everything you need to know.

A New Directive is a friendship quest that EVE will give you in Disney Dreamlight Valley. To unlock it, you need to progress to friendship level two with EVE. She’s a little lost now that she doesn’t have to watch over the Hourglass, so she wants you to help her relax.

The first thing you need to do is feed two monkeys. But how do you do that, when they keep running away?

How to feed monkeys in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You’ll find monkeys in the new Eternity Isle part of Disney Dreamlight Valley. Look around The Docks and The Courtyard. When you approach a monkey, it will run away. But don’t worry: you simply need to chase it! It seems monkeys like playing, so keep following them as they run around. Eventually, the monkey will have had enough, and let you approach it.

A monkey’s favourite food is Banana Split, which you’ll need to make at a cooking station. To make Banana Split, you’ll need banana, milk, crushed ice, sugarcane, and any other sweet (i.e. another sugarcane or cocoa).

Once you’ve fed two monkeys, return to EVE. She’ll ask you to follow her – but she wants to go through to The Overlook. And there’s a good chance there’s a Mist door blocking the way. To get through you’ll need to spend 6,000 Mist.

If you need help getting Mist, we’ve got a handy guide right here.

Once you’ve got enough, follow EVE through the now-open door (or wait for her to appear there). Talk to her, then follow her through the new area. You’ll now need to help EVE by gathering some materials: mostly flowers and some gems. You’ll find everything in your current vicinity, so it shouldn’t take too long. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 3x orange bird of paradise
  • 3x yellow bird of paradise
  • 3x white bird of paradise
  • 3x red luminescent flowers
  • 2x jade

Once you’ve got everything, go speak to EVE to give everything to her. Next, follow her as she reunites with Wall-E, then follow them. Once you reach the hidden cove, take three pictures of them (pull out your camera with R2 – it doesn’t matter if you’re in the photos too). Talk to EVE one last time, and you’re done.

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