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Dreamlight Valley Rift in Time

How to Complete The Ones That Got Away in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Do you need some help completing ‘The Ones That Got Away’ quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley? We’ve got a guide just for you.

The Ones That Got Away is a Disney Dreamlight Valley quest that’s only available if you have the Rift in Time expansion. It’s a Friendship Quest from Goofy that will become available shortly after you arrive on Eternity Isle. To start it, talk to Goofy.

He needs some help catching some of the new fish you find in the waters around Eternity Isle. There are six fish you need to catch for him in particular:

  • 2x Dunebopper – You’ll find these in the sandy waters of The Oasis
  • 2x Robot Fish – Found in The Docks and The Overlook
  • 2x Prisma Shrimp – Found in golden ripples in The Grove

Once you’ve got everything, go talk to Goofy. You’ll now need to make a meal with one of the fish you’ve caught. It can be any meal: we opted for a seafood appetizer which needs just one prisma shrimp.

Once you’ve made it, talk to Goofy, and you’re done with The Ones That Got Away quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You’ll be rewarded with a few more meals from Goofy for your troubles.

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