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Palworld Lamball - cloth

How to Get Cloth in Palworld

Do you know how to get cloth in Palworld? It’s an important material that you’ll need for crafting, and here’s where you’ll find it.

You’ll need cloth for all kinds of crafting in Palworld, from making useful items for you and your Pals to making game-changing armour pieces. And so having a good stash of cloth is important. Thankfully, it’s easy enough to get: you can make it at a crafting station. Providing you have a good supply of wool, that is.

Yes: you’ll need wool in order to make cloth. And the good news is that wool is easy enough to get, too. Battling against Lamballs – the sheep-like Pals that are just about everywhere near the starting area of the game – will almost always give you wool. In no time, you’ll have plenty of wool in your inventory.

To get cloth, then, simply approach a workbench and press X to interact with it. Choose cloth, and select how many you want to make: you’ll need 2x wool for each piece of cloth. That’s it: that’s all there is to getting cloth in Palworld. Easy, right?

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