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How to Get Fiber in Palworld

Palworld fiber
Image: Pocketpair

You’ll need a lot of fiber for crafting various useful equipment in Palworld, but how do you get fiber? Read on to find out what you need to know.

Right from the start of Palworld, you’ll need fiber. It’s a useful material that you’ll use in all kinds of crafting. Whether you’re making new pieces of equipment for your homestead or items for yourself and your Pals, fiber is invaluable. Fiber is plentiful in Palworld, too – as long as you know how to find it.

The good news is that fiber is very easy to find in Palworld. Simply hit a tree, and you’ll be rewarded with fiber. Really, it’s as simple as that! Equip a weapon, hold R2, and have at a tree. Wood will be the primary resource you get here, of course, but you’ll also get a generous helping of fiber, too.

Make sure you hold the button and gather material from a tree for an extended period of time to get the most fiber. The weapon you have equipped can make a difference, too. Having an axe equipped will make a great difference over, say, a bat. You can craft an axe on a primitive workbench.

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