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How to Heal Yourself and Pals in Palworld

Palworld how to heal
Image: Pocketpair

Are you wondering how to heal your injuries and restore your HP in Palworld? Here’s what you need to know.

Healing yourself in Palworld – and indeed, in any action/adventure game at all – is super important. You don’t want to die, and so keeping your health topped up should be paramount. Every time you encounter a Pal – or an enemy, as they are to start with – there’s a chance you or your Pals could get injured, and so knowing how to heal is important.

The good news? You don’t need to do anything to heal yourself in Palworld. Simply move out of danger, and your health will begin to regenerate. The same is true for the Pals that you have equipped: they’ll too regain health over time.

It’s not instant, however. It’ll take a minute or two for your health to fill back up. But as long as you’re not in danger any more, it shouldn’t be a problem. Just make sure you don’t find yourself in hot water before you’re ready – stay somewhere safe until your HP bar is filled again!

It’s worth noting that food does not restore HP. Not even really good food. It’ll fill you up, but your hunger levels are separate from your health bar. Sorry.

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