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Test Your Speed Running Skills With the Humble Awesome Games Done Quick Bundle

Bayonetta, a woman in black holding several games.

Think you could match the speed runners at Games Done Quick? Here’s your chance to find out, with Humble Bundle’s Awesome Games Done Quick Speed Running Bundle. For just $10 / £7.91, you can snag seven PC games from Sonic Adventure through Celeste, and you’ll be helping support charity.

Games Done Quick is a community that puts on regular speed running marathons, to raise money for charity. Their latest event, Awesome Games Done Quick 2024, takes place over the course of the next week. It’s a little late to sign up for the event, but what you can do is test your mettle with the games in this bundle.

So, when the Bayonetta speedrun takes place tomorrow, you can fire up your own copy of Bayonetta and see how fast you can power through it. Let’s face it, when it come to games, everyone loves a challenge. Besides which, this bundle is a heck of a bargain for the price.

Get this seven game AGDQ bundle for $10 / £7.91

Think you’ve got what it takes to speedrun your way through seven classic games? For $10, this bundle gets you Celeste, Sonic Adventure 2, Bayonetta and more.

What do you get with the Humble Bundle Awesome Games Done Quick Speed Running Bundle? Here’s everything on offer (there’s only one tier):

All these games are redeemed through Steam and they’re all top-notch titles. It’s hard to pick a favourite, though if you’re a Castlevania fan you’ll love spiritual sequel Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Your purchase will help support charity, in this case Prevent Cancer. If you click on ‘Adjust Donation’ you can choose how your money’s split between the charity, the developers and Humble Bundle.

To take advantage of this deal and help beat cancer, head over to Humble Bundle. And if you want to watch this year’s ADQ, here’s the schedule.

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