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Get 40% off this top-rated Animal Crossing meets the Binding of Isaac roguelike

A red-eyed lamb leaping in the air.

When you say something is a “cult” game, it usually refers to its popularity, but in the case of roguelike Cult of the Lamb you can take that literally. This cutesy yet sinister game sees you recruiting fuzzy animals to serve an elder god and thanks to Humble Bundle’s roguelikes sale, Cult of the Lamb is 40% off, making it an absolute steal at $14.99 / £11.69 on PC.

Cult of the Lamb would be a brilliant game even if it wasn’t in the Humble Riveting Roguelikes sale. Its recent reviews are sitting at “overwhelmingly positive” and in our Cult of the Lamb review, we described it as “..a cross between The Binding of Isaac and Animal Crossing” and awarded it a 9/10. Start a cult village, slaughter monsters, how could you go wrong?

And, as odd as it is, it’s set to get even stranger. After losing a bet of sorts with fans, via Twitter, developer Massive Monster is adding sex to the game, in the form of the Sins of the Flesh update, arriving early this year. Chances are this won’t be what fans are expecting, but it’s absolutely worth sticking around for.

Save big on roguelikes with Humble Bundle’s latest sale

From samurai through to fluffy-wuffy cult leaders, there are over 200 roguelikes to choose from in Humble Bundle’s Riveting Roguelikes sale. Save up to 90% off on games that you’ll keep coming back to.

Even if you don’t fancy running your own fluffy cult, there are some other brilliant deals in the Humble Bundle Riveting Roguelikes sale, even though some of them are pushing the definition of roguelike. Here are just a few of the games worth picking up:

If you’re waiting on the sequel and have yet to tackle the original, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is a brilliant deal at $5.09 / £4.07. But even at 60% off, you should probably steer clear of the abysmal Lord of the Rings: Gollum. But there’s plenty else to pick up, so take a look.

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