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Immortality is Coming to PS5 on 23rd January


Remember Immortality? Sam Barlow’s latest full-motion video drama took (most) critics by storm when it released on PC and Xbox back in 2022. If you haven’t yet had the chance to play this unique cinematic experience, you might get the opportunity to later this month: it’s coming to PS5 on 23rd January.

Showered with lots of 100s and high scores from other critics, our own opinion on Immortality was a little more reserved. While we weren’t as blown away, preferring the focus of Sam Barlow’s earlier game, Her Story, there was still a lot we liked about this much more daring experience. And if you’ve not played it yet, it’s well worth jumping into.

Immortality essentially tells the story of Marissa Marcel, an actress who suddenly disappeared out of the spotlight. Through clips of her last three movies and behind-the-scenes recordings to go with them, you’ll gradually piece together the type of person Marissa was – and perhaps find out exactly what happened to her.

Here’s what we said in our Immortality review:

“What you’ll end up taking away from Immortality is going to be unique to your experience. The conclusions you draw will be the subject of conversations with friends for days, even weeks, to come. It surprises just as often as it confounds, and that in itself makes this a rather extraordinary experience. It’s also perhaps one of the purest examples of video games as art we’ve seen to date: a piece of art about artists. Does that make for an enjoyable experience? Not always. At times it’s drawn-out, boring, a chore, even, as you obsess over every bit of footage available to you. But are we glad we’ve played it? Absolutely.”

Watch the Immortality PS5 trailer below:

The PlayStation 5 release of the game won’t feature any new footage, but it will make use of the DualSense’s features, adding in haptic feedback and using the controller speaker. There’s also a platinum trophy to be acquired, if that’s important to you.

Immortality will be available on PS5 on 23rd January, and will be priced at $19.99 (or your local equivalent). It’s already available on Xbox, PC and iOS.

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