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Islands of Insight

Gorgeous Puzzle Game Islands of Insight Has a February Release Date

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We called it a “puzzle lover’s dream” when we previewed Islands of Insight last year. Indeed, we found ourselves rather enamoured with this gorgeous puzzle game, filled with different kinds of puzzles that can be completed in just about any order you wish. And now, the joint project between Behaviour Interactive and Lunarch Studios has a release date: 13th February.

“Islands of Insight is purely about solving puzzles as you explore a gorgeous, sprawling world. It’s like a puzzle book that you can walk through, tackling its challenges in any order you see fit.” That’s what we said in our glowing preview. In fact, the only thing we weren’t really sold on is Islands of Insight’s “shared world”: you see, other people will exist in your game’s world, even though you complete puzzles by yourself. In that early preview, we didn’t see the point. But we’re willing to be proven wrong.

With the full release just a couple of weeks away, we’re excited to jump in and see more that Islands of Insight has to offer. In fact, we can get a glimpse even sooner: it will be part of Steam Next Fest, taking place from 5th February to 12th February. The free demo will be available all week, and the full game will release the day after. If you like what you’ve tried, then, you know what to do.

Learn more about Islands of Insight with its brand new deep-dive video:

For puzzle fans, there’s a lot to be excited for here. Over 10,000 puzzles, in fact. You won’t be expected to complete each and every one of them, of course, but it’s entirely up to you how many of them you do seek out. They’re spread over five unique biomes. We only saw one of those in our preview, but it was a beautifully luscious environment, filled with colourful plants and vibrant green trees. We’re excited to see what else Islands of Insight has in store for us.

Want to jump in? It’s coming to Steam, and will cost $29.99 or your local equivalent. The free Next Fest demo will allow you to get a good taste of what to expect, and it’s well worth taking for a spin.

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