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A Lego Ideas Outer Wilds submission.

This Lego Ideas Outer Wilds Spaceship Looks Amazing and We Need It

Whether you’re a fan of the quirky space-sim or not, this Lego Ideas Outer Wilds spaceship looks absolutely fantastic. We’ve got our fingers crossed that it hits the 10,000 mark and gets turned into a proper set. And, so far, things are looking pretty good.

This stunning Lego Ideas submission features both Outer Wilds’ rickety spaceship and a chunk of campsite, to add flavour to the set. This is the work of Minibrick Productions and they’ve had one of their ideas, a Lego Polaroid Camera, actually turned into a real set.

It’s an impressive piece that’s caught the attention of Mobius Digital Games, developer of Outer Wilds, They in turn have retweeted their support and the set is also a Staff Pick. Does that guarantee the set’s going to happen? Not necessarily.

The set is at nearly 6,000 supporters, and it it’s got over two years to rack up 10,000, at which point it’ll be reviewed by Lego. But Lego can absolutely decline to make the set. Also… this isn’t the first time there’s been an Outer Wilds ideas submission.

There was another set, submitted by SirSuperLink, another 10K club member. It didn’t have the campground, but it still looked pretty cool, and hit hit 10,000 supporters.

But then Lego posted a rather cryptic message on the page stating that “Unfortunately, for private reasons communicated to you directly, we have had to archive your submission and no longer consider it further.”

So what happened? Could it be that Lego objected to SirSuperLink posting the instructions here? The set got a shoutout from publisher Annapurna Interactive, but it remains a mystery.

Hopefully this submission won’t meet the same, strange fate. You can check out Minibrick Productions’ set here and, if you have or create a free Lego Ideas account, lend your support.

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