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League of Legends Fixes its Dragon Champion’s Unsettling Human Face

League of Legends showcased a new dragon champion, Smolder and, less than a day later, Riot has changed Smolder’s face to make it less human. That’s got to be some kind of record, even by Sonic the Movie standards.

Riot Games, publisher and developer of MOBA League of Legends dropped some pretty big news yesterday, which included a Season 2 teaser for Netflix’s LoL-based Arcane series, a new game mode, the addition of Vanguard anti-cheat tech and much more.

But Smolder, one of the new additions, was getting attention for all the wrong reasons. As many, many people pointed out, for a dragon he had an unsettlingly human-like face. It was as if someone had carved out the back of his head and just shoved a baby through the hole.

The internet, League of Legend fans and non-fans alike, were quick to point out how unsettling his appearance was. “Can you guys make an actual monster looking character just once,” remarked one. “RIOT PLEASE HAVE BETTER OPTIONS FOR HIS FACE,” added another, all in caps so you know they were serious.

The negative response to Smolder’s appearance (which you can see at the top of the page) was near universal. We can understand why the character might have been drawn this way but, as reported by PCGamesN, barely a day later Riot announced it was changing his face to be more draconic.

“We heard your feedback on Smolder’s face and are making some adjustment to highlight his dragon features,” tweeted League of Legends product manager Lexi Gao.

Gao included a gif showing Smolder’s new appearance, which is a serious improvement. It got us thinking how it took at least a few days for Sega to act on feedback on Sonic the Hedgehog’s uncanny appearance. Here? It was less than 24 hours.

That game us an idea, and we did something terrible, the results of which you can see at the top of the page. Then, we did it again. We’re not sorry.

New Smolder doesn’t have a confirmed release date, but he’s expected to arrive towards the end of the month. As for Old Smolder? Well, there’s always a cameo in a Chip ‘n Dale sequel.

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