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Palworld Difficulty Guide: What Difficulty Level Should You Choose?

Palworld fiber
Image: Pocketpair

Are you wondering what difficulty you should play Palworld on? There are three to choose from, and we’re here to help you decide.

There are three difficulty levels to choose from in Palworld, along with a completely customisable difficulty. These range, basically, from easy to hard, and the choice you make should reflect how confident you are going into the game. Let’s start by having a look at each of the difficulty levels:

  • Casual difficulty: Choosing Casual in Palworld is essentially opting for easy mode. The game describes this as being a relaxing experience for new players. Pals – the monsters – are easier to catch, you’ll gain more XP, gather resources more quickly and incubate eggs faster. Perhaps more appropriately, battles are easier, and if you die you won’t lose anything; you’ll simply restart at a fast-travel point of your choice.
  • Normal difficulty: This is the mode that developer Pocketpair intends Palworld to be played on. There’s a standard balance to everything. If you die, all equipment and materials are dropped where you fall.
  • Hard difficulty: Hard mode should only be considered if you’re a veteran of the genre. Pals are ferocious, putting up a good fight. You’ll need to work harder to increase your XP, resources take longer to gather and eggs take longer to incubate. You’ll deal less damage, and take more. If you die, everything – all items and pals – are dropped.

On top of those three difficulties, you can also customise your own. With custom mode, you can tailor exactly what you want, making the game personal to you. It’s a great choice if you’re adept in some areas but want things to be a little easier in others.

The question is, though, what difficulty is right for you when you’re playing Palworld for the first time? Well, Normal is the default choice for most players. This shouldn’t be too tough. But if you don’t like the idea of losing equipment when you die, we’d recommend choosing casual. The good news is it doesn’t stop you earning achievements, which we love.

We’d only recommend choosing hard if you’re already very familiar with the game. It shouldn’t be anyone’s first choice of difficulty – unless you really enjoy a challenge. Good luck, pal hunters!

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