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Pocketpair CEO Teases Palworld Merchandise Including Toys and Trading Cards

An image photoshopped from the movie Spaceballs. A woman is holding a Palworld: The Flamethrower Toy.
Spaceballs: MGM. Low-quality photoshop work: GameSpew

Look out, Pokémon, Palworld merchandise is happening! At least, that’s our takeaway from Takuro Mizobe’s tweet. The CEO of Pocketpair, developer of Palworld, has posted an image of some Palworld toys and trading cards, and we absolutely want them.

The picture tweeted by Mizobe includes a Gumoss and Sweepa toy, which look to be plastic rather than soft toys. There are also sixteen cards which could be part of an in-the-works card game, or they may just be regular trading cards. But, either way, they’ve got us reaching for our hard-earned cash.

It might seem as if Pocketpair have been pretty fast off the mark, considering the crafting-heavy catch-em-up launched only a week ago. But they’ve not been fast enough. You can already buy unofficial Grizzbolt plushes from several online sources – though, as British consumer show Watchdog has taught us, your bootleg Palworld toy could conceal a child-unfriendly metal spike. So it’s probably better to go with official Palworld merch.

So when will you be able to get your hands on these tantalising Palworld items? The text of the tweet doesn’t shed any light and is just Mizobe talking about how he’s going to have to get back to work. It’s also possible that Pocketpair is brewing up some kind of Palworld Collector’s Edition which could include these, but that’s just a wild guess.

We’ve got our fingers crossed that these become widely available and end up sitting right next to our local supermarket’s Five Nights at Freddy’s toys. Given that over seven million people have bought the game, whatever Palworld merchandise they come up with is bound to fly off the shelves. Pocketpair is going to need a bigger money bin.

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