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Plane Accident is an Interactive Air Crash Investigation Coming to Steam Soon

Plane Accident

Remember Air Crash Investigation? Of course you do. First aired in 2003, this long-running series about investigating the causes of plane crashes and disasters is still running, now 270 episodes strong. Plane Accident, which is coming to Steam next month, looks like it’s going to channel some of Air Crash Investigation’s energy, putting you in charge of hunting down plane wrecks and figuring out what went wrong.

We’re not sure why, but aeroplane accidents are fascinating. Terrifying, yes, but interesting nonetheless. Plane Accident will have you scouting for locations of crashed planes, exploring the wreckage for evidence, taking photos and reconstructing the wreck to ultimately piece together what happened.

Does that sound like your sort of thing? A free prologue for Plane Accident will be available next week on 18th January. Following that, the game will launch into early access on 22nd February.

Watch the trailer for Plane Accident below:

If you’re a fan of simulation games, and have a macabre interest in plane wrecks, Plane Accident looks to be right up your street. When it launches into Early Access in February, developer White Pig Games states the core investigative loop will be in place along with five unique maps. The full version of the game – which White Pig hopes to get out as soon as possible – will feature more maps and moe plane crashes, with different plane types.

Be sure to download the free prologue to Plane Accident from 18th January.

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