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Planet Zoo is Finally Coming to Consoles This March

Planet Zoo: Console Edition
Image: Frontier Developments

Almost five years after its release on PC, Frontier Development’s Planet Zoo is finally making its way to console – and soon. Planet Zoo: Console Edition is launching on 26th March on Xbox Series X/S and PS5, and if you fancy managing your own wildlife parks on console, this is the game for you.

If you’re unfamiliar with Planet Zoo, this is one of the most comprehensive zoo management sims you can buy. Featuring a wealth of animals, all of whom think and feel for themselves, your goal is to ensure they’re safe, happy and healthy. Having a nice environment for guests to walk around too is great, sure, but your animals are always your first priority.

As you play, you have the opportunity to learn about each species placed in your zoo, from their needs and wants to their background and where they come from. You’ll need to construct suitable enclosures for each animal, providing them everything they need to live an enriched, fulfilling lifestyle within your zoo.

There are multiple game modes to step into – career, franchise, challenge and sandbox – all offering different levels of challenge to players. Working through career mode will see you jump into multiple zoos across the world and in different environments, making them the best they can possibly be. Sandbox, on the other hand, will let you create the zoo of your dreams with fully customisable settings.

Give the trailer for Planet Zoo: Console Edition a watch below:

Pre-ordering the game will give you access to three exclusive animals: the Komodo Dragon, Thomson’s Gazelle and Pygmy Hippopotamus. It’ll be available from 26th March costing £39.99/$49.99 or your region’s equivalent.

There’ll be a season pass available, too, and over time we can expect some of the expansions that have landed on PC to come to console. They’re not included in the base game, although console players will of course benefit from all free updates and expansions that have landed over the years. Over time, you can look forward to the Europe Pack, North American Animal Pack, Wetlands Animal Pack, Grasslands Animal Pack and plenty more.

For £49.99/$59.99, you can purchase the Deluxe Edition of Planet Zoo: Console Edition, which will include 16 additional animals and two extra scenarios. And for £99.99/$119.99 you can purchase the Ultimate Edition which includes all Deluxe content plus the season pass, which provides access to no less than 14 future DLC packs. It’s a lot of money, then, but worth it if Planet Zoo is something you’ll be playing for a long time.

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