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Tekken 8: Best Characters for Beginners

Reina Tekken 8

The latest entry in the seminal 3D fighting series Tekken is finally here, and it’s been more than worth the wait. Tekken 8 features sumptuous visuals, a veritable banquet of modes, and a wide range of characters to master. It also plays faster and smoother than ever before, rewarding aggression thanks to a new Heat system. But what if you’re new to the series or fighting games in general? What are the best characters in Tekken 8 for beginners?

That’s something we hope to answer with this short list. After putting hours into Tekken 8, it’s clear that some characters are easier to get to grips with than others, and make great starting point for newcomers.

So, whether you’re new to Tekken 8 or the series as a whole, hopefully this list of the best characters for newcomers might help you find your feet. To make things even easier for yourself, why not enable the Special Style control scheme, too? Simply press the left shoulder button during battle by default to make playing Tekken 8 even more intuitive.

1. Paul

Tekken 8 Paul
Screenshot: GameSpew

A series stalwart, Paul is starting to look a bit old in Tekken 8. Despite that, however, he’s still as tough as a rock and a great character for those new to the series to get to grips with.

A character focused on powerful attacks rather than quick and fancy moves, Paul doesn’t have a massive move list. And so, with just a bit of practice, you can pick up some easy to perform and very powerful combos that will leave your opponents in a world of hurt. Put the pressure on with Paul, and you’ll find yourself going far.

2. Law

Tekken 8 Law
Screenshot: GameSpew

Law is another series stalwart, being in nearly every entry so far – aside from Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2. There’s a reason he’s been in most Tekken games, too: because he’s pretty awesome. Quick on his feet, Law has a lot of easy-to-use attacks and combos at his disposal that not only look flashy but also cause considerable damage.

He might not be quite as good for Tekken 8 beginners as Paul, but Law is a better character to master in the long-run thanks to the variety and unpredictability of his moveset.

3. Dragunov

Tekken 8 Dragunov
Screenshot: GameSpew

If you don’t mind his tough appearance and harsh demeanor, Dragunov is a good pick for any Tekken 8 beginner hoping to learn the ropes. Like Paul, Dragunov is a powerhouse of a character, meaning players don’t need to get too technical to compete.

He’s not got the biggest moveset, nor does he have multiple stances that need to be mastered to be effective. Simply learn some good basic combos, and Dragunov will serve you well. And as you grow your skills you can try to work in some of this more advanced manoeuvres, or move onto another character.

4. Alisa

Tekken 8 Alisa
Screenshot: GameSpew

While you might not realise it at first sight, Alisa is a robot. You’ll certainly come to terms with it when her arms suddenly become chainsaws. Alisa might not seem like one of the best characters for Tekken 8 beginners at first thanks to her sheer range of moves, but the truth is it’s pretty easy to get quite competent with her, and her speed and unpredictability pays dividends.

This is a character that you can learn the ropes with and then go beyond, bringing more and more advanced moves and combos into play until you’re somewhat of a Tekken 8 master.

5. Victor

Tekken 8 Victor
Screenshot: GameSpew

A character brand new to Tekken 8, Victor is a bit of a mysterious one. He’s also a character that’s surprisingly welcoming to beginners, despite having a wealth of moves at his disposal. In no time at all you can get fairly accustomed to many of Victor’s most useful moves and combos, putting you in good stead to take on the CPU and even perhaps dip your toes in online.

Like Alisa, the great thing about Victor is that while he’s easy to get to grips with, he has some depth. Spend some real time mastering his moveset and you will be rewarded down the line.

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