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Tekken 8’s Story So Far Trailer Recruits Succession’s Brian Cox

Actor Brian Cox, a man with white hair and a grey suit, standing by a Tekken 8 monitor. Astronomer Brian Cox peeks in from the corner.

Who do you get to narrate the long and convoluted tale behind your latest fighting game? If you’re Bandai Namco and the game in question is Tekken 8, you enlist Succession actor Brian Cox to present your ‘Story So Far’ trailer.

Why? Could it have been a case of crossed wires? Was it physicist Brian Cox that was meant to be fronting this recap? Was some Bandai Namco exec going to borrow him and spend two hours quizzing him about astronomy?

Probably not, because as several people have pointed out, the Tekken series has plenty of bad dads and Logan Roy, the character Cox played in Succession, isn’t going to win father of the year any time soon. Or as GameSpot Editor Tamoor Hussain puts it, “Tekken. Bad dads. Succession. Logan Roy. BRIAN COX. OH MY GOD WE’VE GOT IT”.

Cox delivers an absolutely on-point summary of the Tekken story, nearly 30 years of history in bang-on five minutes. And while he probably couldn’t give two hoots about the series, he’s a consummate professional. Naming no names, we’ve seen a few similar celeb-supported promos where the celebrity in question is just phoning it in. That’s absolutely not what you get here.

It helps that the script has the odd cheeky nudge at Tekken’s lore (and possibly Succession’s) with Cox pointing out how these sons and fathers keep throwing each other off cliffs, and our money’s on yet another cliff figuring into Tekken 8. The internet has certainly embraced the absurdity of this promo, with fans photoshopping Tekken into Succession and vice versa.

Whether you’re a Succession fan or not, if you’re jumping in with Tekken 8 the trailer is a great way to catch up and Brian Cox just makes it better. Tekken 8 arrives on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S this Friday January 16th.

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