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One Look at Upcoming Platformer Telmari Tells Me it’s Going to Be Too Hard For Me

There’s a speedrunning platform game out next month. It’s called Telmari, and I can tell you one thing for sure: it’s going to be a fiendish little so-and-so. The sort of devilishly rewarding game that gives you a real boost when you finish a level, sure. But the sort of thing that I, in particular, will probably get quite sweary at.

From developer Phoenix Blasters, Telmari tells the story of a young girl on a quest to save, er, sunflowers. Yeah, that’s what we’ve got in the press release. It makes a change from saving the princess, or the world, or even her pet cat, I suppose. In order to do so, she’ll have to pass through 100 levels, running jumping and firing arrows along the way.

In the trailer, which you can watch below, it seems that Telmari’s bow and arrows won’t be used for combat. Instead, she’ll fire plunger-laden arrows on walls and surfaces to create platforms she can bounce from. Precise placement is key in order to get to new areas and out of the path of danger.

Watch a trailer for Telmari below:

Fail to stick your arrows in the right place, and you could find yourself being charged at by a terrifying beast. Placing arrows forms a satisfying mechanic that manages both to be strategic and puzzling. You’re going to want to be able to reach them, but you also need to be able to jump on them quickly. And with Telmari challenging players to complete levels as quickly as they can, speed is key.

There’s a charming hand-drawn 2D art style to Telmari, and it’s that which has got my attention. With her massive tuft of red hair and lack of any weapons, Telmari isn’t your typical hero, but it’s hard not to be enamoured with her and the dangerous world she finds herself a part of.

If this sounds interesting to you, you don’t have to wait long to try it. Telmari will be launching on PC and Mac via Steam on 16th February. And before then, a free demo will be available to download as part of Steam Next Fest, which runs from the 5th to 12th February. So: if some fiendishly difficult but utterly beautiful platforming sounds like your cup of tea, be sure to give Telmari a try.

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