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The Best Kart Racing Games on PS5

best kart racing games on ps5

You can’t play Mario Kart on PlayStation 5, but there are plenty of karting games for you to jump into. The question is: what are the best kart racing games on PS5? Don’t worry – we’re here to help.

Look, we’re not going to lie: there’s not much out there better than Mario Kart. And unless you’re playing on a Nintendo console, you aren’t getting Mario Kart. Sorry. We don’t make the rules. But! There are numerous other karting games out there, and many of them are very good. We’re talking Crash Team Racing, Sonic Racing, Nickelodeon Kart Racers and plenty of others. So: grab some friends, get a controller each, and get ready for some riotous racing. Read on as we round up the best kart racing games on PS5.

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1. Lego 2K Drive

LEGO 2K Drive
Image: 2K Games

Lego, and racing, in one game? Hells to the yes: sign us up! There’s a lot to love about Lego 2K Drive, whether you’re looking for one of the best kart racing games on PS5, or simply want a Lego-themed adventure. This open world racer sees you visit several themed worlds and partake in various challenges. There are races aplenty, of course, but also other tasks on offer too, like rounding up chickens or hunting down aliens. It’s Lego, it’s bizarre – what else would you expect?

Keeping it in line with other karting games, on the track you’ll be able to take your opponents down with various power-ups, drift around corners, boost and more. This is a fun arcade racing game through and through, and we love just about every moment of it.

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2. KartRider: Drift

KartRider: Drift
Image: Nexon

There’s a lot to like about KartRider: Drift. It looks great, for one. And it’s filled with cutesy, loveable characters. The best thing, though? It’s absolutely free to play. That’s right: you don’t have to spend a penny if you don’t want to. This is an online-focused game, so you’ll typically be racing against other players online, on tracks littered with various pick ups. Hey, it’s not a karting game if there aren’t pick-ups, right?

There are different modes available in KartRider: Drift, ranging from Time Attack to Grand Prix, and so there are plenty of places you can practice your craft. The more you play, the more points you’ll earn, which can be used against unlocking new characters, karts and locations.

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3. Nickelodeon Kart Racers 3

Nickelodeon Kart Racers 3 Slime Speedway Review
Image: GameMill Entertainment

What do you get if you put the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Spongebob Squarepants and Rugrats next to each other? Nickelodeon Kart Racers, of course! This is the third iteration of the game, putting popular Nicktoons characters in uniquely-designed karts and tasking them with racing against each other. There are plenty of environments to race around – 36, in fact – all based on the franchises included in the game, and they’re all wonderfully detailed.

Of course, there are plenty of traps and power-ups you can collect and use as you race around each track. And like just about any karting game out there, you can find yourself going from eighth place to first place in the space of just one corner – or vice versa. Cursing aplenty, there’s still a lot to like with Nickelodeon Kart Racers 3 – and we’ve deemed it one of the best kart racing games on PS5.

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4. Disney Speedstorm

Disney Speedstorm
Image: Gameloft

What’s this? Another free to play game? And this one’s Disney-themed! Disney Speedstorm takes all your favourite Disney (and Pixar) characters, gives them a suitable vehicle and puts them against their friends (and enemies) on the track. We’ve had a great deal of fun with Disney Speedstorm: it looks great and it plays great, with plenty of content available without ever spending a penny.

Of course, money can be spent here, if you want to gain access to more characters and more tracks more quickly. But it’s unnecessary, and there’s plenty to be going at while keeping your wallet safely in your pocket. We love the cast of characters included here – from Mickey Mouse and Mulan to Baloo and Captain Jack – and speeding around the game’s multitude of courses is a joy.

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5. Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled

crash team racing nitro-fueled rustland
Image: Activision

Forget Crash Bandicoot’s platforming capers. In Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled, he’s given up running and jumping and swapped it for some kart-based action. In Crash Team Racing – a remake of the PS1 classic – Crash and his friends/foes have all geared up in their custom racers to battle it out on the track.

One of the best kart racing games you can play on PS5 – or indeed on any format – Crash Team Racing is, well, just about what you’d expect. The on-track action is frenetic and fast-paced, and you’ll need to keep your wits about if you if you want to win. Pick up power-ups and weapons to hit your opponents, and do your best to avoid being hit by theirs – although that’s easier said than done…

6. Team Sonic Racing

Team Sonic Racing 2
Image: Sega

We might not be able to get Mario Kart on PS5, but we do have the next best thing: Sonic Kart! Oh, sorry: it’s called Team Sonic Racing. But for all intents and purposes, this is Sonic’s answer to Nintendo’s big karting game. Swap those rickety-looking go-karts with fancy, fast racing cars and put the blue blur in the driver’s seat, and you’ve got a fantastic, fast-paced kart racing game featuring Sonic and all his chums.

There’s a lot to love about Team Sonic Racing. Despite the cars being far from your typical karts, the on-track racing is very similar, with various offensive and defensive items up for grabs. What sets things apart is the focus on team playing here: even if you’re playing solo, you’ll be teamed up with two other players, allowing you to make use of fancy team moves to get the best of the track. And hey, if you’re last but your teammates finish first and second – that still counts as a win!

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