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They Are Here Might Be the Alien Abduction Horror Game We’ve Been Waiting For

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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: there aren’t enough games about aliens, especially of the horror variety. We’ve had plenty of fun attacking innocent NPCs with anal probes thanks to the Destroy All Humans! series over the years, but when it comes to being scared out of our wits due to a possible alien invasion, all we’ve really had is Greyhill Incident, which was terrifying for all the wrong reasons. This year things might change, however, and it’s all thanks to They Are Here.

Created by two indie developers – husband and wife, in fact – They Are Here puts players in the shoes of journalist Taylor Fox. He’s visiting Grayswood Farm to shoot a photo documentary about the strange phenomena that’s been going on there. There are reports of strange lights, mutilated animals and other mysterious occurrences – all of which have piqued Mr. Fox’s interests. But soon finding himself in the middle of a nightmare, he might come to regret making the journey.

Designed as a good old-fashioned, linear horror game, They Are Here seems focused on cranking up the tension before terrorising you with strange and inexplicable events and physical threat. You’ll explore environments drenched in darkness, ranging from a farm to a military base, with tools such as a torch, walkie-talkie and camera at your disposal in order to uncover and document evidence. But at what cost?

They Are Here preview

Set for release this year, the good news is that you can go hands on with They Are Here right now thanks to a demo. It includes two scenarios for you to play through: a prologue in which you play as Private Michael Anderson making contact with the aliens for the first time, and a demo of the main campaign in which you play as Taylor Fox, just arriving at Grayswood Farm.

The gameplay is similar in each, pointing to a game that puts atmosphere over action. If there is any way to defend yourself here, we’re yet to see it. We’d rather not have the option, in fact, as that’s where most games fall down. Instead, if They Are Here can keep up the tension and sense of dread created in these two gameplay snippets while keeping its investigation rewarding, we’ll be very happy indeed.

It must also be said that this is a very good-looking game, which very much helps you get immersed. In fact, the presentation in general seems top notch, quickly drawing you in. And it seems polished, although we do hope that controller support makes it into the full game, as it’s currently absent from the demo.

In any case, if, like us, you’re keen on the idea of some alien abduction horror, you should definitely keep your eyes on They Are Here. It seems very promising indeed.

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