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Weekend Musings #11: Happy New Year!

Photo by Walls.io on Unsplash

Getting back into the swing of things after the Christmas break is always a challenging task. In any job, finding motivation after what’s typically a week of doing very little other than eating is tough. But here in games media, there’s also the fact that the industry doesn’t seem to wake up until at least mid January. We need to keep content kicking over on GameSpew, but when there’s not much happening, it’s hard to know what’s worth writing about.

And partly as a result of that – and because I sort-of miss these weekly ramblings about whatever I feel like – I’ve decided to pull out my Weekend Musings feature from the grave. Every Friday, you can look forward to my round-up of what’s gone on in the world of GameSpew and beyond.

What is Weekend Musings?

Weekend Musings is a weekly feature about, well, anything and everything. It’s where we’ll muse about things that have happened over the last week, including the joys of running a website, general life stuff and of course, plenty of video game chatter. You’ll also find a round-up of news and content from over the last week. Stay up to date with Weekend Musings here.

Right now, however, there isn’t much of note to talk about (see paragraph #1). Life is more-or-less consisted of pyjama days, Christmas chocolate, comfort food, afternoon naps and a lot of Diablo IV and Beatstar.

The games we’ve played over Christmas

Having named Diablo IV our Game of the Year 2023, it’s only fitting that it became our most-played game over the festive break. My seasonal Barbarian went from level 10 to level 67 in a matter of days, with many thousands of demons and monsters being slayed in the process. It may not be the most festive of games, but there’s something rather cosy and relaxing about chopping up enemies into a bloody stew under the glow of Christmas tree lights.

As for Beatstar, if you’re not aware of this little mobile gem, I’d suggest you go download it on your mobile phone. It’s a free-to-play music rhythm game loaded with current hits and past classics and it tasks you with tapping along to the song, hitting notes with your thumbs in one of three lanes. I’ve written about Beatstar before but mobile games aren’t something we cover in a big way. If you do play ’em, though, this one’s well worth delving into, particularly if you’re a music rhythm fan. It’s genuinely playable without spending a penny, and you’ll amass plenty of songs for the grand sum of naught.

New Year Resolutions, GameSpew style

Honestly, I’m too old for New Year Resolutions. They aren’t helpful, and you just end up feeling bad about yourself when you inevitably give up on them. I’m done with the whole “new year new me” schtick. There are things I’m going to try to do differently in 2024, however, but I’m not going to beat myself up about whether or not I stick to them. Life’s too short.

When it comes to GameSpew, though, there are a few things we’re hoping to achieve in 2024. We’d like to improve our video output on YouTube, which has fallen to the wayside in the last couple of years. Maybe you didn’t even know we had a video channel. Well, we do. And hopefully this year, you’ll see more content over there, including video versions of our reviews, previews, listicles and more original stuff.

A redesign is also on the cards at some point, as our current theme/template is getting a little rusty now. It’s a large job, though, and without a dedicated dev team (i.e. me) it has to be done around the day-to-day running of the site, which makes it tricky and time-consuming. Still, I’m looking forward to getting stuck in and freshening things up around here.

What else? Well, we’ll continue doing what we’re doing: putting out as much content as we can, focusing on indies and AAAs alike, covering the games we like and that we think our audience will like. We’ll continue creating helpful guides for the games you’re playing, and you can count on us for putting out regular interesting listicles and (hopefully) introducing you to games that might have otherwise fallen under your radar.

Cool stuff from this week:

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