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The Upcoming WildFront is One to Watch for Slay the Spire Fans

WildFront demo
Image: Etheral Games

Fancy kicking off 2024 with a new roguelike card-battler? Let us introduce you to WildFront, an upcoming CCG with city-building elements. We’ve just spent a bit of time with the demo and as fans of Slay the Spire, we’re very much looking forward to jumping more into this card-laden adventure.

Sure, WildFront is a little rough around the edges, but it’s being created by a team of two. What it lacks in polish it makes up for in ingenuity and personality. Its menus might not be the tidiest, for example, but some of its gameplay ideas are genuinely great, giving it the potential to stand out in a rather saturated genre.

Playing WildFront means moving through a randomly-generated map, populated by battles, shops, treasure and random events. The turn-based battles of WildFront will feel very familiar to anyone who’s played a card-based combat game before: you’ll spend a finite amount of energy on playing cards, which can either damage your opponents or buff you against incoming attacks. Like Slay the Spire, you can see what your opponent is planning to do on their next turn, allowing you to prepare in advance.

WildFront demo
Image: Etheral Games

What sets WildFront apart in battle, however, is its minion system. You don’t have to fight alone here – as you play cards, you’ll gather spirit, which can be used to add minions into battle. These minions automatically act at the end of every turn, either damaging your opponent or offering you some sort of buff (or, sometimes, both). There’s a finite number of minions you can have on screen at any one time, but they can be recycled at any point. You can also recycle cards in your hand to gain more spirit, opening up multiple strategies.

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Winning in battle doesn’t have to be down to your hand of cards in WildFront; manage your minions right and they can effectively win the battle for you. You’ll need to practice, though, because this game doesn’t go easy on you; right off the bat you’ll find yourself up against enemies capable of doing serious damage. Your 100HP starting health might seem like a lot but it quickly dwindles if you aren’t careful.

Outside of battle, you can earn currency to send back to your town, which can then be used to build new structures. As your town grows, you’ll earn new cards, items and abilities – and so like many other roguelikes, the more you play of WildFront, the stronger you’ll eventually become.

You don’t have to just take our word for any of this, either. There’s a free WildFront demo available on Steam right now. If you’re a Slay the Spire fan and fancy a new deck-building combat game to sink your teeth into, give this one a go. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed. There’s no release date for the full game yet, but it’s “coming soon”.

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