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Xsolla Once Upon Tomorrow

Xsolla Founder Releases Once Upon Tomorrow, A Book With an Aspirational View of the Metaverse

Founder of gaming commerce company Xsolla, Shurick Agapitov, has today released a brand new book. Once Upon Tomorrow, available to buy in March, offers a visionary and aspirational look at the Metaverse. Once Upon Tomorrow is described as a “thought-provoking journey into the possibilities and potential of the Metaverse”. Its views are purposefully and markedly different from the mainstream, giving it a unique and interesting perspective.

Speaking of the book, Agapitov says: “In Once Upon Tomorrow, I present a vision of the Metaverse as a vast, inclusive, and transformative space. It’s not just a digital frontier but a realm where creativity, innovation, and empowerment converge. This book is my invitation to creators, thinkers, and dreamers across the globe to join in shaping a future where technology amplifies human potential and fosters a world of limitless possibilities. The Metaverse, as I see it, is not about control or confinement but about unleashing the collective creativity and entrepreneurial spirit inherent in all of us.”

The book explores the currently untapped potential of the Metaverse, and within it Agapitov explores its ability to unite both new and existing brands. However, the vision that Agapitov paints within Once Upon Tomorrow extends beyond technology innovation: rather, he delves into its potential to empower content creators globally.

He also delves into the significance the Metaverse can play in education for both children and adults, and he advocates strongly for a decentralised Metaverse, one that’s moved away from the dominance of Silicon Valley.

More than just a book about the Metaverse, Once Upon Tomorrow is a roadmap of a potential future where technology serves all the needs of humanity. More than that, Agapitov draws on his insight of the evolution of technology, from the early days of social media and the likes of Snapchat, to form the basis of his vision.

He discusses technology stakeholders, ISPs, web developers, cloud computing experts and more to paint a compelling and intriguing look at a potential future where the Metaverse is the key.

Want more information about the book? Visit onceupontomorrow.com. More information about Shurick Agapitov can be found on themarque.com or Linkedin.com.

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