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No, Capcom’s Latest Survey Doesn’t Mean We’re Getting A New Dino Crisis

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Last week, I put on a nice shirt, combed my hair and took part in Capcom’s Super Elections, a voluntary survey to not only get a sweet downloadable background for my phone (mine was Mega Man), but a chance to give tangible feedback on the future of some of Capcom’s most beloved — albeit defunct — IP. 

It started off with some softball stock questions like, “What’s your favorite Capcom game?” and “Who’s your favorite character?”, but then things took a turn. The question read, “Which 3 Capcom game series (including spin-off games) would you like to see get a sequel or new game?”

It was a difficult decision, I must confess, and took me like 20 minutes to decide between the 20 displayed titles featuring some of my favourite/most revered series. Granted, there were a few names that I was unfamiliar with (sorry, Sengoku Basara), and some that I flat out wasn’t feeling for justified reasons. 

Now, I’m not going to divulge to you what I ended up picking, but I will gush about what I didn’t

Dinosaurs. They mysteriously died out about 65 million years ago – or did they? Apparently not. The fervour for these voracious reptiles continues to burn as brightly as lava from a prehistoric volcano, especially for one particular saurian-based game series: Dino Crisis. 

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Like the eponymous creature’s own sudden extinction, Dino Crisis’ reign came to an end in 2003 with the unfortunate Dino Crisis 3, where you were basically shooting up dinos in space. For the past two decades, fans of the series have been begging Capcom for a fresh piece of DC meat to sink their teeth into, and it looks like their its survey is drumming up fresh hype about a possible remake. But here’s the thing: do we really need another dinosaur game, or are we simply pining for a palate-cleansing sequel to a nostalgic series? 

Remember a little Capcom game called Exoprimal last year? Although not a first-person shooter, this online multiplayer shooter kept things moving and blasting, with dinosaurs literally tumbling out of portals and into urban environments. True, a non-Dino Crisis dino game from Capcom did ruffle some feathers and didn’t quite scratch the itch, but Exoprimal is hardly the only modern game with Mesozoic baddies. 

Exoprimal. Image: Capcom

For one, DangerousBob Studio’s upcoming first-person shooter Fossilfuel 2 looks absolutely stunning. Hunting down dinosaurs within the claustrophobic halls of a research facility is bad enough, but, as this is the sequel to Fossilfuel 1, the studio has apparently upped the ante by adding an underwater element and simultaneously tapping into an unconscious fear I didn’t know I had. 

Other devs are also joining the fray on Steam. Studio OMYOG (and Hello Neighbor publisher, tinyBuild) is giving us the sleek first-person survivor Ferocious. Digging deeper, Jaw Drop Games is pumping out the stealth-survival horror Deathground, which, incidentally, was an Epic MegaGrant recipient. Throw in similar upcoming titles like Instinction and the retro-inspired Compound Fracture, and Dino Crisis fans will have their hands full when these gorgeous games finally hatch.

Look, I was/am absolutely bonkers for dinos. Hell, I even have an Allosaurus tattoo on my arm. But here’s the thing: Dino Crisis 4 or an entire remake isn’t guaranteed to be any better than the aforementioned titles. Sure, Capcom put out this survey, and last years’, while including Dino Crisis into the mix, but funnily enough, if you go to the very next question (“Is there a game that you would like to see completely remade with the latest technology, including character design and story direction?”), Dino Crisis is nowhere to be found. 

It’s impossible to determine which oldie-but-goodie Capcom will select, but instead of constantly obsessing over Dino Crisis, why not let dead dinos lie and throw some support behind any of the other excellent franchises, ripe for resurrection, ya’ know? 

OK, OK. I’ll tell you. Breath of Fire got my vote. 

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