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A side-on view of a Dead Cells character attacking another with some kind of glowing magic spell.

Dead Cells Developer Confirms That, After Update 35, It’s Finished With This Roguelite

Dead Cells is an awesome game, so awesome the Nintendo trusted developers Motion Twin and Evil Empire to put out Castlevania DLC. But nearly six years after its release, Motion Twin has confirmed it’s finished with Dead Cells after its latest update.

We don’t mean ‘finished’ in the sense the Dead Cells team are sitting in a corner sulking. Motion Twin and co-developer Evil Empire have had a good run with the game, and will still patch any major issues that crop up. But Motion Twin has decided it’s time to move on to bigger and hopefully even better things.

Posting on the game’s official Steam page, Motion Twin explained that “After an incredible 5-year collaboration in bringing additional content to Dead Cells’ live-ops, Evil Empire will be pursuing new adventures and we can’t wait to see what they come up next.” They’re also keen “..not to overextend and risk diminishing the unique charm that makes Dead Cells special to us all.”

The developer was, originally, Motion Twin, but Evil Empire is the co-op spin-off studio that currently manages Dead Cells. “We.. want to express our deepest gratitude to you, the players, for your unwavering support and passion for Dead Cells,” Motion Twin concluded, probably wiping a tear from their collective eyes. Evil Empire put out its own statement echoing a similar sentiment.

This roguelite/metroidvania mash-up is rated overwhelmingly positive on Steam. In our Dead Cells review, we remarked that “..smashing multiple genres together with expertise, developer Motion Twin has created something rather special with Dead Cells.” Our only real criticism was the game’s difficulty spikes, but that’s not a deal-breaker by any means. The devs have, since the game’s launch, updated Dead Cells with a mountain of both paid and free DLC.

There’s no date for Dead Cells Update 35 as yet. Though you can expect it to hit PC first and consoles/mobile later. And the franchise will live on, not least because there’s a Dead Cells animation in the works. Here’s hoping that Motion Twin and Evil Empire’s respective next projects are as much of a rush as Dead Cells.

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