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Diets & Deities is a Scrumptious Upcoming Rhythm Game

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It’s impossible to play a cooking game without getting very hungry, and Diets & Deities from developer Larrikin Interactive is no exception. This story-rich rhythm game follows Nephele, the first (and potentially last) deity created in a millenia. Nephele is tasked with dancing her way through a variety of songs using not only her swiftness but also her cooking skills to bring life back to the land. 

Diets & Deities is inspired by food from Australia, Bali, Brazil and China and features 16 recipes each from a particular culture. Each recipe can be found in the player’s recipe book and includes everything you need to know, including ingredient measurements and instructions. Loading screens in the game also include short cooking tips. 

The game is based in a multicultural universe where food and music are the essence of life. However, things recently have started to get a little darker and the residents that are left have to fight to help their cultures thrive. Players will meet the dastardly villain Colonel KFZ whose greasy fast food has begun to take over the universe. The Colonel hates unique recipes and questions why players might want to cook instead of getting food ready made.

Diets & Deities screenshot
Image: Larrikin Interactive

Diets & Deities’ rhythm portions are simple but a lot of fun. None of the levels that we played during the game’s Steam Next Fest demo were too challenging, but if the difficulty ramps up in the full version of the game, we imagine things will get very exciting.

Like many other games in the genre, players are placed at the bottom of the screen while a flurry of food and obstacles drop from the top of the screen towards them. The goal is to grab the food along to the beat of whatever tune is playing and avoid the obstacles. Nephele can only be hit with obstacles a certain number of times, so if the player messes up too badly they’ll have to start the song over. 

In between the rhythm sections of the game, players will meet many of the world’s intriguing characters, as Nephele tries to come to terms with who she is and where her place is in this unique, diverse universe. Every character we’ve met so far has a lot to say and they are all beautifully drawn with vibrant colours and loads of personality. 

We’re huge fans of rhythm games – but a rhythm that comes with delicious new recipes for us to try? Sign us right up. We only spent about 30 minutes with the Diets & Deities demo but we’re excited to try out more levels, meet more characters and learn even more delicious recipes.

Diets & Deities is launching on Steam on 20th February. Head over to its landing page to download the free demo right now.

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