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Disney Dreamlight Valley Escape Claws mission - player characters and Sulley

How to complete Escape Claws in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Do you need help completing the Escape Claws mission in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Here’s everything you need to know.

Escape Claws is the first Disney Dreamlight Valley mission to complete in the Monsters Inc. realm. You’ll find yourself in the company’s reception — but the scare floor is blocked off. You’re not a monster after all. Interact with the large metal door, and you’ll be prompted to find a disguise.

Search around the room: there’s a locker against the other wall, near where you entered. It seems to have some lost property in it. Collect it, then open up your inventory to use it. Inside you’ll find a number of monster disguise pieces. Head to your wardrobe to put on your choice of them – plus the Monsters Inc. Hard Hat. (Press triangle/Y then head to ‘Wardrobe’.) Finally, take a selfie: pull out your camera with R2/RT and take a photo of yourself.

Interact with the large metal door again. This time you can go through it. Sulley is just in front of you! Go and talk to him. He’ll ask you to clean up the laugh floor and remove the leftovers from a recent party. Pick up the trash, and use your watering can on the slug slime puddles. Once you’ve got them all cleaned up, talk to Sulley again.

How to make coffee for Sulley and Mike

Now it’s time to make the coffee. Hey, you are the new intern after all. Both Mike and Sulley like their coffee in a specific way, so don’t get it wrong. Here’s what you need:

  • Sulley’s coffee: 5x coffee
  • The Wazowski Special: 1x coffee, 3x sugar, 1x non-dairy screamer

You’ll find everything you need back in the reception area. Interact with the bags of coffee, sugar and screamer to pick up however many you need, then interact with the coffee machine.

Once they’re made, take the coffees to Mike Wazowski.

Save Mike Wazowski!

Unfortunately, things quickly go wrong: After having his coffee, Mike heads through a door, but the power goes out, trapping in him there. Drat. Sulley works on fixing it but asks you to find the MIFT Emergency Manual. The Emergency Manual is somewhere on the scare floor — we found it on the second desk closest to the main door.

When you’ve found it, talk to Sulley. Now you need to find three fuses, and fix up the power lines running to the fuse box.

Here’s where you’ll find the three fuses:

  • At the back of the laugh floor, near the TV
  • On the very back desk
  • On the first desk closest to the door

As you find them, place them one-by-one in the fuse panel next to Sulley. You then need to follow the cables down the room and connect any unplugged connections. You’ll have to slide some of the canisters out of the way to do this: simply interact with them and they’ll move from one position to another.

Once you’re done, that’s it: Mike’s free! Talk to him, then talk to Sulley, and you’re done with the Escape Claws mission in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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