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How to complete Eye on the Prize in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley Monsters Inc. eye on the prize
Screenshot: GameSpew

Do you need help completing the Eye on the Prize mission in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Here’s everything you need to know.

Eye on the Prize is the first Disney Dreamlight Valley mission to complete with Mike Wazowski. Before you can do it, you’ll need to have unlocked access to the Monsters Inc. realm and have completed ‘Escape Claws‘ with Sulley. To begin, talk to Mike: he’ll ask you to find keycards for the factory.

How to get into the locked reception door

Head to reception. You can see what looks like keycards glistening away behind the reception desk, but you can’t get in there because the door’s locked. Look at the door: the note now says the tools might be in a chest on the laugh floor.

Head to the back of the laugh floor and take a look in the red chest near the TV. Once you’ve got the tools, head back to reception and use them on the door. Ta-da! Interact with the door once more and it’ll now open.

You’ll find the keycards on the ledge behind the window in the reception vestibule. When you’ve picked them up, go and talk to Mike Wazowski.

Find the clues behind door F2

Now… Mike’s got the keys to the doors he needs, but there are no files. With no files, he doesn’t know anything about the kids in each room so he can’t possibly make them laugh. That’s where you come in. Enter the door in F2 — the numbers are on the wall behind the door; it’s the red one. You’ll need to look around the room to find clues.

The three clues you’re looking for in F2 are:

  • Drawing of a circus elephant – on the wall next to the bedside lamp
  • Drawing of a circus clown – on the wall next to the closet door
  • Drawing of a ringmaster’s hat – interact with the curtains to open them. It’s stuck to the window

Once you’ve got all three, go back out and talk to Mike.

Find the clues behind door F3 in Disney Dreamlight Valley

This one’s the blue door. This time, you can’t interact with any clues — you have to photograph them. It’s clear this kid loves space, so we’re looking for space clues.

Equip your camera using R2/RT. Here’s what you need to take photos of:

  • The ‘Astrojet’ poster above the dresser
  • The yellow ‘SR’ (Space Ranger) book on the floor by the bookshelf
  • The glowing stars on the ceiling above the bed (as long as they’re in the picture, it should count!)

Go back to talk to Mike Wazowski once you’ve got them all.

Find the clues behind door F4

This one’s an easy one: Mike wants something of theirs this time. It’s a rather messy bedroom, with four piles of smelly laundry on the floor. Interact with the piles to clean them up. After cleaning them all, you’ll get a Whoopee Cushion. Take that to Mike.

How to get Mike Wazowski the three sodas

The next task Mike needs you to do is get him three sodas from three different vending machines. However, he only gives you two tokens. Huh. He asks you to figure it out, so that’s what we’ll do, I guess.

  • Red soda: This one’s easy. Simply interact with the machine and take out a red soda. There are also ‘Pawpsicles’ in there too — take them if you want.
  • Blue soda: This machine is directly next to the red machine, but it’s not switched on. First hit the blue switch at the side of it. Once it’s on, interact with it and take out the blue soda. There’s also Sweet Slush if you want it.
  • Green soda: The green machine is just through the reception door. It’s out of order, and you seemingly can’t interact with it. Pull out your pickaxe (RT/R2) and give it a whack: a green soda will come flying out.

Go take the three soda cans to Mike.

Build Sulley and Mike’s house

All that’s left to do is head back to Dreamlight Valley and place Mike and Sulley’s house anywhere you’d like. Head to furnish mode to place it (Y/triangle to bring up your inventory, then toggle down to ‘Furniture’). Once you’ve chosen a spot, you’ll need to pay 20,000 coins to Scrooge to get it built.

Sulley will now automatically appear in Dreamlight Valley — take your photo with him, and he’s good to go. Mike’s still in the Monsters Inc. realm, however, so head there to talk to him.

Once you’ve spoken to Mike, take a photo with him. Talk to him one more time, and that’s it — he’s now welcomed to Dreamlight Valley too! You’ve now completed Eye on the Prize in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Time to start working on some of Mike and Sulley’s friendship quests, we suppose!

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